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Vanguard player finds OP way to easily kill Flamenauts

Published: 4/Apr/2022 18:09

by Andrew Highton


The Flamenaut Killstreak is phenomenal when it’s on your side in CoD Vanguard, but a menace when you’re up against it. However, if you do have to bring one down, then someone has found an effective way to deal with them.

Call of Duty’s gameplay has always been so engaging over the years because of the multitude of guns, Perks, and Killstreaks. It allows players to customize their playstyle and when you have multiple players all flexing personal loadouts, games of CoD can become very interesting.

It’s true that players are far more aware of metas nowadays and as a result, you get people largely using the same guns.


But other elements are still up in the air such as Killstreaks, and the Flamenaut, in particular, can really turn the tide of a match.

player using flamethrower in cod vanguard
If you find an enemy player who knows how to use a Flamenaut then it can spell disaster for your team.

Flamenaut Killstreak cheese method found

The Flamenaut streak requires 9 consecutive kills to obtain in game, and unless you’re nifty and have the right gun to take a player using it on at range, chances are you’ll succumb to the heat.

But Reddit user willoftheman showed footage of an easy and efficient way to make mincemeat out of Flamenauts. Quite simply, ensure your throwing arm is up to speed, make sure you have a Thermite Grenade equipped, and throw one straight onto the player using it.


It will stick to the monstrous suit and continue to pummel the armor with a constant stream of damage from the burning Thermite and have it destroyed in a few seconds.

Now, you may have already thought of this method, but it’s so easy to overlook Thermite Grenades, especially in this capacity during the heat of battle.

Users who watched the video commented on it with a large number of players believing that the Goliath is also another iron-clad way to shut down Flamenauts. “Even simpler and you don’t have to die. Goliath tank will take them out,” one player said.


You’re not as active when using a Goliath though, so it might not be for everyone, whereas one solid Thermite shot will put an end to the killstreak quite easily. In any event, if Flamenauts are still causing you some trouble, then there are solid ways to counteract them.