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Vanguard pay-to-lose operator skin completely obscures player’s ADS

Published: 30/Mar/2022 14:20

by Andrew Highton


A Vanguard player has been left completely baffled by one of the game’s paid skins leaving their aim completely obscured. The pay-to-lose item made it so that they were unable to see anything whilst ADSing.

Pay-to-win and pay-to-lose are common terms thrown around when an item intended to be purely cosmetic and not provide any sort of advantage manipulates the game in an unexpected way. Vanguard has had run-ins with several of its weapons such as the Double Barrel Shotgun and Whitley LMG offering pay-to-win bonuses.

On the other hand, a pay-to-lose Blueprint has also caused grief. Another example of pay-to-lose has shown up in the game with one operator skin in particular, leaving players unable to aim down a weapon’s sight properly.


cod vanguard arthur kingsley operator menu screen
If you’re planning on using a Panzerfaust to grind challenges, don’t use this skin.

Pay-to-lose skin makes ADS impossible in CoD Vanguard

CoD Redditor dannylo showed fellow players that Arthur Kingsley has more tricks up his sleeve than first imagined. More specifically, an inconvenient thumb that doesn’t understand the concept of iron sights.

It appears that if you equip Arthur Kingsley’s “Alleyway” Battle Pass skin then you will be unable to use the Panzerfaust with complete accuracy.

For some reason, Arthur feels the need to put his right thumb over the iron sight, completely impeding your view and giving you no indication as to where your shot will go.

It does appear that this only happens with the Panzerfaust too, as dannylo switched to their other weapon and had no issues with it.


A commenter on the post jokingly implied that its purpose is to help you “feel where the rocket is going.”

Interestingly, Redditor SixSenz said: “I got this same bug with another operator, but I don’t remember which operator it was.”

So there could actually be more broken Blueprints and skins out there that also have similar effects to the Arthur Kinglsey Alleyway one.