Vanguard glitch gives you unlimited ammo but there’s a catch

. 7 months ago
1991 pistol in cod vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard players can currently benefit from a glitch that gives you an endless supply of infinite ammo. However, the unusual bug comes with one notable drawback that nullifies its effects.

So far, Vanguard has stayed free of any truly destructive and game-breaking glitches, aside from maybe the unlimited Dead Drop glitch. There’s been the odd nuisance such as players exploiting Sub Pens and the return of the infamous MW2 elevator glitch.

Now, another Vanguard glitch has been discovered in the game. Again, it leans more on the side of a minor inconvenience rather than a full-blown problem. But if players aren’t careful, then they could fall victim to the unlimited ammo glitch’s bizarre side effect.

players fighting on shipment map in vanguard
A game full of unlimited ammo guns isn’t a great thought.

The aptly-named Reddit user hallmonitor53 has watched and reported a glitch that happens with the 1911 Pistol. If a player equips the 1911’s full-auto variation, then switches to its single-shot form, then the gun will fire unlimited ammo.

At first, despite it only being a Pistol, there’s a natural feeling that this exploit could be game-breaking and disrupt games of Vanguard. Upon closer inspection of the glitch, it appears that this is not the case.

According to several users in the comments, the unlimited ammo glitch “does 0 damage when it’s glitched.”

The gun will still leave bullet holes in the wall, but the M1911 will offer 0 DPS in its glitched form.

Another user also said: “Doesn’t even register shots nor hitmakers either. All purely visual.” So Vanguard is thankfully safe from a potential exploit, but 1911 users should keep an eye on what loadout they run.

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