Vanguard devs confirm Ray Gun buff, “troll” Easter Egg discovered

Andrew Highton
cod zombies ray gun

Despite waiting for several months for its debut, the Ray Gun’s arrival was a disappointment. However, the devs have confirmed that it’s being buffed, and Vanguard players have also discovered a neat little Easter Egg for it.

When you think of Call of Duty Zombies, the Ray Gun is one of the staple weapons of the game mode. So, players were obviously unhappy that it was left out of the game’s launch and were disappointed that it took so long to arrive in Vanguard.

The Vanguard Season 2 update has fixed this, but not completely. Despite now being a fully available Wonder Weapon in Vanguard Zombies, the weapon is considered to be grossly underpowered compared to how it usually performs. The devs have been quick to react and have said a fix is coming, and players have noticed a sneaky little Easter Egg for the weapon included by the devs.

firing a ray gun in vanguard zombies
The Ray Gun is surely about to rediscover its old self.

Ray Guns are the golden goose. It is the weapon you desperately want your hands on as it usually one-shots Zombies for the first few rounds, and through Pack-A-Punch changes it becomes monstrous.

Season 2 added the Ray Gun, but players quickly realized that something was up. Through gameplay, it was obvious the Ray Gun was operating at less than full capacity, with the undead able to take a shot or two, even in the early rounds.

But to their credit, Treaych has reacted quite quickly, and they tweeted out a fairly swift response.

So it seems that the Ray Gun won’t be underpowered for too long, but it wasn’t the only piece of interesting Ray Gun news. In a Reddit post on the official Zombies subreddit, one player wandered over to a particular spot on the new Terra Maledicta map.

Curiously, it said “Dig,” and upon interacting with it, a Ray Gun suddenly rose up from its apparent grave. After thinking they were about to grab themself a free Ray Gun, the player watched as it suddenly zoomed at an insane speed, and several Elite enemies spawned and converged on the player.

We imagine this isn’t a coincidence, and it’s a cruel, yet hilarious jape, coded by the devs.

For people that are going to experience it for the first time, and are not already informed, this is going to cause a great reaction from the player. A free Ray Gun would make Zombies a bit too easy now, wouldn’t it?