Unusual Warzone bug makes Legendary Supply Boxes disappear

Warzone Supply Box glitch.Activision

A bizarre Warzone glitch is causing Legendary Supply Boxes to vanish into thin air during the landing sequence at the beginning of a game.

Looting in Warzone is your most valuable asset. If you stumble on high-level loot early on in the game, it’ll often give you a jump start over everyone else in the server.

Of course, everyone prays to find a Legendary Supply Box when landing in Verdansk. With the chance of snagging a Legendary Blueprint, a wad of cash and some armor plates, it’s easy to see why looting one of these early doors can be a game-changer.

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And one Redditor thought that they’d done just that while dropping onto the moving freight train — only to find out that Infinity Ward were trolling him the whole time!

Player looting Supply Box in Warzone.Activision
Supply Boxes often change the tide of a Warzone match in your favor.

After failing to land inside the train carriage where the Legendary Supply Box was waiting, ‘cartmanez1907’ attempted to renavigate to get in.

After finally hopping inside the coach to redeem their loot, the Redditor discovered that the Legendary box had disappeared into thin air.

In a bizarre turn of events, the initial explanation would be that the Supply Box was just an optical illusion… But as they initially approached the coach, there was a distinct audio cue as they edged closer to the coveted chest.

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So with the chest seemingly vanishing into thin air, the only logical explanation would be a glitch of some kind. Given that Infinity Ward is already fighting an uphill battle when it comes to solving the plethora of issues in Warzone, this is the last thing they need to add to the list.

This comes as the infamous ‘demon gun’ glitch has made an unwelcomed return to Verdansk, merely a month after it had been fixed in a highly anticipated patch.

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Of course, it’s not known if this is the first time anyone has ran into the issue of Supply Boxes spontaneously disappearing. But if it becomes more prevalent, there’s no doubt that Infinity Ward will add it to their list of snags.

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