Underrated Cold War AR boasts absurd Warzone win rate

Vargo-52 in WarzoneActivision

Warzone is well into its final season and the meta is still taking interesting twists in turns. While Season 5 is headed steadily towards its end, there’s an underrated Cold War AR that’s still making a surge up the win rate charts after all this time.

Warzone has gone through meta change after meta change since launching way back in March of 2020 and even as the game’s final season pushes towards its finale, players are still discovering new weapons to take over the game with.

While this particular AR has had some time in the sun before, it fell into obscurity for most of the Vanguard-themed era of the game. That’s all changing now though as WZRanked has it listed at the 8th highest overall win rate as of September 26.

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Surprise Cold War AR still packs a punch in Warzone

The Vargo-52 debuted during the Cold War era and was a bit overshadowed by other standouts of that time. This problem only got worse when many of the CW weapons were specifically targeted for nerfs after the transition to Warzone Pacific and the arrival of Caldera.

Now though, the Vargo has climbed to achieve a 3.43 win rate and a respectable 1.16 K/D across the game. While it’s still not as popular as options like the Grau or Cooper Carbine, it eclipses them both in terms of win percentage.

Vargo-52 in WarzoneActivision
The Vargo-52 has been good for much of its lifespan, but it never found its way out of the shadows of other guns.

Despite its excellent performance, it is only picked in 0.34% of all games, making a true sleeper pick for anyone who is hoping to pick their performance up but isn’t a fan of the more popular options.

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The optimal loadout for the gun is a fairly common one as well, making it ideal to pickup even for people who aren’t intimately familiar with how to use it.