Watch UMG and OpTic Hitch’s $5,000 Ghosts throwback tournament – Stream, Bracket and Rosters

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OpTic Gaming member Davis “Hitch” Edwards is partnering with UMG events to host a $5,000 throwback tournament on Call of Duty: Ghosts, featuring some historic rosters.

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The event will be live streamed on the official UMG Twitch channel, as well as the participating players themselves on their personal streams.

In total, there are eight teams, all of which were official teams during the Ghosts season: Envy, Complex, Nation, Kaliber, eGirl Slayers, Business, Wanted and OG.

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Some changes have had to be made due to scheduling issues,, with TJHaLy stepping in for Clayster on the OG roster, Blazt for Apathy on Business, and NAMELESS is to be replaced on Envy.

You can watch the event below on the official stream, starting at 12pm PT / 3pm EST / 8pm BST.

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Round 1 Matches

Kaliber vs OG

eGirl Slayers vs Envy

Business vs Wanted

Complex vs Nation


The event will be double elimination, meaning a team can lose once, but two losses will put them out of the tournament.

Link to live bracket


  • Complex: ACHES, Karma, Crimsix, TeePee
  • Nation: MBoZe, KiLLa, MiRx, Ricky
  • Kaliber: Theory, Goonjar, Neslo, Sharp
  • Team Envy: Rambo, (Substitute), StuDyy, MerK
  • eGirl Slayers: Revan, Mochila, NexXx, Burns
  • Wanted: Slacked, Huhdle, SpaceLy, Classic
  • Business: Dedo, Saints, Censor, Blazt (Sub for Apathy)
  • OG: Scump, Nadeshot, ProoFy, TJHaLy (Sub for Clayster)

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Here is a selection of streams of other players expected to be stream the tournament, in addition to UMG’s official stream.

Nadeshot (OG)

Watch live video from Nadeshot on

Karma (Complex)

Watch live video from Karma on

MBoZe (Nation)

Watch live video from MBoZe on

Slacked (Wanted)

Watch live video from Slacked on

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