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Ultimate Mauer Der Toten quest guide: full Zombies ‘Tin Man Heart’ Easter Egg walkthrough

Published: 16/Jul/2021 8:24 Updated: 16/Jul/2021 8:01

by Brad Norton


Mauer Der Toten is the latest round-based Zombies map in Call of Duty and we’ve got a complete walkthrough of the Tin Man Heart Easter Egg to help you push through the new Main Quest.

With Mauer Der Toten now available following the Season 4 Reloaded update, players are rushing to get through the brand new Main Quest. No different from previous round-based maps, this one requires you to master the environment and learn all there is to know about the latest weapons and items.

Even with perfect coordination, it could still take a few hours to grind through the Easter Egg. But we’ve got you covered with a full guide to help along the way.


Here’s everything there is to know about the Mauer Der Toten Tin Man Heart Main Quest.

Before starting the Tin Man Heart Main Quest

CoD Zombies gameplay
Before you start the Main Quest, there are a few essentials you need to get out of the way first.

Before you get started with the Mauer Der Toten Main Quest, there are few essentials you’ll need to get sorted first. As with every easter egg, turning on the power is where you need to start. 

Once that’s taken care of, your team will need to focus on two main objectives in the early rounds. Finding the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon is one such objective. Use our full guide here to track down the brand new gun.

Meanwhile, everyone should be on the lookout for components to assemble Klaus, Mauer Der Toten’s friendly new robot. Once Klaus is assembled, you’ll need to find the rest of his parts to fully upgrade him before starting the Main Quest.


With those steps ticked off, you’re ready to begin the Tin Man Heart quest.

Craft the Hacking Helm

Hacking Helm Mauer Der Toten
Klaus needs the Hacking Helm upgrade before you can advance the Main Quest.

Your first proper step in the Tin Man Heart Main Quest is to craft a new tool. Three components are needed to form the Hacking Helm and they can only be acquired with the CRBR-S Wonder Weapon.

Head to the three following locations and shoot the specific objects to reveal each crafting component.

  • Antenna component – Apartment Rooftop: Shoot the Radio Tower
  • Electronic Boards – Ghost Station: Shoot the Metal Panel
  • Transistor – Electronics Store: Shoot the Radios

Once your team has picked up all three components, head to the Safe House and interact with Klaus. Doing so will automatically craft the Hacking Helm to advance the Main Quest.

Break down the wall to the Secret Lab

Mauer Der Toten gameplay
Look for this wall in Sewer Access to break into the Secret Lab.

Next up, your goal is to find and break into the Secret Lab. As the same implies, this is a hidden location that you’ll need to smash your way inside of. 


Firstly, head down into the Sewer Access location with Klaus by your side. Using the Klaus Remote Control, command him to a large brick wall near the main staircase. Klaus will punch through the brick layer of the wall to reveal a metal layer behind.

As soon as you’re ready, use the CRBR-S to shoot this metal wall and advance through into the Secret Lab. It’s worth noting that the CRBR-S must have the Blazer Mod Kit for this step to work.

Placing Empty Canisters around Mauer Der Toten

Maeur Der Toten gameplay
There are three Empty Canisters that need to be filled around Mauer Der Toten.

Once you’re inside, end the current round and begin the next one to remove shields from equipment in the Secret Lab. Once you’ve got the Zombies under control and you’re ready to progress the Main Quest, you’ll notice three Empty Canisters nearby.


These can be picked up from the Conversion Unit. Once you’ve got them in hand, shoot a nearby computer to obtain Endstation Lures. These will be vital for the next step. 

Empty Canisters need to be placed in Essence Harvesters scattered throughout the map. Below are the possible spawn locations for Essence Harvesters in Mauer Der Toten.

  • Ghost Station
  • East Berlin Streets
  • Alley
  • Destroyed Penthouse
  • Korber Rooftop
  • West Berlin Street
  • Sewer Access

Once the Canisters have been placed in the Harvesters, throw an Endstation Lure in close proximity to spawn a Tempest. These enemies are tough so be ready for a fight, but killing them will send their essence into the Canisters.

Repeat this step until all three Canisters are filled and now labeled as Charged Canisters. Take them back to the Secret Lab where you found them and you’ll be ready for the next step.


Get Klaus to stop the train

Cold War gameplay
An upgraded Klaus is all but unstoppable.

After returning the Canisters, you’ll next need to head to the Switch Control Room. Inside this location near the train tracks, you’ll be able to flip the Railway Switch to swap the tracks nearby. 

Once they’ve been swapped over, simply command Klaus to stand directly on the tracks. As the next train arrives, Klaus will stop it and allow you to enter. When inside, you’ll find Rico’s Keycard on a Zombie and a Bomb inside a briefcase. Pick both of these up to advance the Main Quest.

Return back to the Secret Lab and interact with the Conversion Unit once again. This time, doing so will insert the Bomb you just picked up.

Activating the Disruptor Satellite

With one of the two items now in place, the next step is to use the Keycard you recently acquired. Head to the Safe House and you’ll spot a computer inside. Interact with it to insert Rico’s Keycard. Continue to interact, browse files, and eventually activate the Disruptor Satellite.

You’ll then have to complete this in a different location. Head to West Berlin Street, look for a computer once again and repeat the process to initiate a firing sequence. In doing so, various challenging enemies will spawn, so be prepared for another fight.

Throughout these two steps, you’ll be racing against the clock. As soon as the first computer is activated, a five-minute timer will appear. Your entire team will wipe if you fail to kill the remaining enemies in time.

Crafting the Uranium Devices and Cleansing Rocks

Mauer Der Toten gameplay
Smashing Uranium Devices together will unlock the final step.

Upon killing the tough enemies in the last step, specifically the Megaton Blaster and the Bomber, two Uranium Rocks will drop. Pick both of these up and head to a Workbench to craft Uranium Devices.

With these Uranium Devices in hand, you’ll need to split up and head to two separate locations on the map. One player must take a Device to the Destroyed Penthouse while the other heads to the Korber Rooftops.

Once in the right areas, interact with nearby ziplines to place the Uranium Devices. These will travel along the zipline and crash into one another. Once complete, you’ll be able to pick up a Cleansed Rock from the East Berlin Streets below.

Head back to the Secret Lab, place this Cleansed Rock near the Warhead, complete the round, and repeat the exact process above once again. Activate the Satellites, kill the Megaton Blaster and Bomber, smash the Uranium Devices, and add one more Cleansed Rock to the Warhead.

The moment the second Cleansed Rock is added, you’ll automatically trigger the final Boss Fight.

Valentina Boss Fight

Valentina boss fight
Valentina is the final boss and the final step of the Tin Man Heart Main Quest.

Valentina will spawn in the Secret Lab to begin the Boss Fight. As you progress, she will teleport around the map and use different attacks. Valentine has both a shield and a regular health bar that you’ll need to deplete.

Regular weapon damage works just fine here, so shoot with your strongest weapons. Keep in mind that Valentina can heal by consuming nearby Zombies. So try to clear the regular enemies when possible to keep her health low.

After killing Valentina, Klaus will begin to transport the finished Warhead into a nearby portal. Simply fend off Zombies, keep him alive at all costs, and you’ll trigger a final cutscene upon finishing the Main Quest.