UK fugitive gets arrested after leaving hideout to buy Call of Duty

black ops cold war fugitiveWest Midlands Police / Activision

A wanted UK fugitive, Clint Butler, has got himself caught and returned to prison in Birmingham after raising suspicion in public while making a rare venture outside to…purchase Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

They say that “CoD is life,” but that might not be as true for anyone as it is for Butler, who risked his life in the free world by trying to get a copy of Black Ops Cold War. In November 2020, Butler escaped from the HMP Spring Hill open prison in Buckinghamshire, remaining a free, albeit wanted man until his arrest in 2021.

Butler, who had originally been serving a 17-year sentence for robbery and firearm possession, evidently got bored of staying at home after escaping from Spring Hill. As such, he and a friend decided to go purchase CoD on Martineau Way in Birmingham, England.

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While on the quick shopping trip, two police officers reportedly noticed the pair acting weird and change directions upon seeing them, so they approached the two for questioning. Within moments, Butler attacked the officers, was apprehended, and eventually charged with additional counts of escape and assault. 

clint butlerWest Midlands Police
Butler’s mugshot following his latest arrest.

Butler, who is 36 years old, was initially approached by the officers for acting strangely, but they began by asking him why he and his friend were out and about despite lockdown mandates. His answer would make any FPS fan proud: “I’ve come to get the new because I can’t sit around in lockdown.” 

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Unfortunately, things quickly turned south as, suspicious of the name he gave them (which was later proven to be fake), the officers said they’d be checking his details. Unhappy with the idea of handing over his identification, the fugitive quickly got dirty and kicked one officer in the groin before trying to swiftly escape.

Slipping on the floor, bodycam footage then becomes a hectic chaos as the cops tussled with the pair, helped by nearby security guards. Eventually, things settled down and Butler’s Call of Duty foray was cut short.

Now, his original sentence, which was expected to finish in 2024, has been extended due to additional charges. Authorities indicate that another 13 months have been added for the escape and six months for assaulting officers.

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