Two Prophets went head-to-head in Black Ops 4 and the results were hilarious

Prophet is a controversial specialist pick in Black Ops 4. Some people think it is OP and others thinking it is trash-tier but everyone can agree that Prophet v. Prophet fights are hilarious.

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Prophet’s tactical rifle that shoots shock rounds briefly paralyzes enemies and can be infuriating to be on the receiving end of.

So what happens when two Prophets meet without anyone else to get in the way?

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While Prophet believes he is the future of human evolution because he is over 70% cybertronic and immune to human diseases, his greatest weakness may also be his weapon of choice: electricity. 

The encounter was hilarious with the two players being in lockstep from the first shock round shot to their eventual deaths.

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Two players rounded the corner at the very end of the clip and would stumble upon the mirrored Prophets laying in the same position on the ground.

A returning character from Black Ops 3, Prophet’s place in the competitive meta hasn’t been determined but at least the character has value in Reddit karma.