Twitch streamers outraged as they’re blocked from $100k Warzone “Open” tournament

Andrew Highton
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A mouther-watering $100K is on the line in the upcoming CDL Warzone Rebirth tournament, but Twitch streamers are dismayed that they can’t enter as the rules stipulate that it’s a YouTube-only streaming tournament.

Call of Duty: Warzone tournaments are always a great way to bring more attention to the game and give players some serious incentive for playing it. Usually, tournaments take place on the game’s main battle royale maps, typically, Verdansk in the past, and Caldera now.

Season 2 Reloaded has made a few changes to Rebirth island and given it its biggest update in a long time. As a result, the new CDL $100K Resurgence tournament will take place at the home of Alcatraz to provide a bit of variety.

If you’re a Twitch partner looking to take part in this lucrative event, then we’re afraid we’ve got some bad news for you.

Warzone $100K CDL tournament rules slammed by Twitch streamers

The allure of this event is the fact that instead of just being CDL-only teams, other teams will be able to compete and qualify and earn a spot in the final brackets.

This makes it very inclusive for all Warzone players who register and want to take a crack at competing amongst the elite. Only, it’s not as inclusive as it first appears.

As pointed out by Warzone Pro ROKKR Rasim, under the tournament’s official FAQ, it clearly states: “Yes, players must be able to livestream their gameplay and webcam on YouTube. If a player is unable to livestream on YouTube they will be unable to advance beyond the In-Game Open Stage in the competition.”

As many have pointed out, this is quite the opposite of an ‘Open,’ and a few Pros have even come out to comment on the tournament’s strict entry conditions.

“They just blue balled 99% of the community. Even their pro players are Twitch partners,” FaZe Kalei said, and co-owner of fullsquadgaming Jake Lucky seemed taken aback too: “wait…actually???”

Even Faze Blaze stepped in to ask: “What about Twitch partners?” Only to be told the bad news.

A lack of many top Twitch streamers comes with a slight positive in that this should free up some room for others who are trying to grow their channel on YouTube.

It should be pointed out though that Twitch streamers can take part, they will risk their Partnership with Twitch. Given the circumstances, it’s unlikely anyone with a Twitch contract will have any involvement with it.