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Twitch streamer rage-deletes Modern Warfare: ‘What a waste of 60 dollars’

by Isaac McIntyre
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The Call of Duty title.


There are many that dream of making it big on Twitch, sharing their gaming stories to the world, and fresh-faced personality Soul5th is no different.

Like many FPS streamers, Soul5th found himself playing Modern Warfare on his September 15 broadcast. Unlike many of the players that dropped into Infinity Ward’s beta, however, the fledgling streamer had a pretty bad time in the multiplayer mode.


He had died a few times already, and the pressure of performing on camera was clearly mounting up. As he respawned back into the game he delivered his first verdict on the title.

"What a waste of 60 fucking dollars. Seriously, I fucking despise this game, I don’t like it,” he said angrily, running out onto the map’s main street. The explosion was only going to get worse, as he was gunned down from a spot he hadn’t checked before sprinting out.


“Yep, I’m done, I’m fucking done,” he spat after the on-screen death, before rapidly flicking into the PlayStation 4 settings and removing the game from his hard drive.

“Fuck you, I’m not playing you no more!” he yelled at the disappearing Call of Duty logo. “Fuck off! Garbage. GARBAGE! Bye-bye asshole, fuck you. Yep, gone for fucking ever.”


The infuriated streamer declared he was never going to play Modern Warfare again, despite having already locked down his pre-order for the beta access. After taking some time away from the camera he returned, and true to his word loaded up Borderlands 3 instead.

Soul5th may not have enjoyed his short time in Modern Warfare’s open beta, but that doesn’t mean it’s receiving a poor reception overall. In fact, professional players have been praising the franchise’s newest entry.

Infinity Ward
Infinity Ward
Many Call of Duty fans have praised the Modern Warfare beta.


Former FaZe Clan star Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris praised the developer’s speedy responses to community feedback during the beta, while two-time world champion Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price dubbed the game “phenomenal” also long as they make some small changes.

Another stint of the open beta awaits this weekend on September 21-22, this time with all players given access as opposed to just those that had pre-ordered the title.