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Twitch streamer faces ban after stream sniping Tommey on Warzone

Published: 26/Sep/2020 14:46 Updated: 26/Sep/2020 15:15

by Daniel Cleary


Call of Duty pro and streamer Tom ‘Tommey’ Trewen exposed Twitch streamer, LoRDNeTTa, for stream sniping on Warzone, after he attempted to ruin his chances in an online 2v2 tournament.

Warzone has seen massive success since its launch on March 10, with many of the top Call of Duty pros and personalities turning to the battle royale mode to compete in tournaments.

While there have been many competitions for the BR over the year, one issue that notable streamers have faced is ‘stream-sniping,’ where viewers join the same game and watch their broadcast to gain an advantage over them while playing.


Although there are a few measures and tactics used to stop this from happening in popular titles, such as hiding your screen in the early game or having streamer mode enabled, it does not always prevent it from happening.

Warzone train line
Despite Warzone being in its fifth season, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

Popular CoD streamer Tommey was unfortunate enough to experience stream-snipers first-hand during his latest broadcast, as they seemingly tried to ruin his game, while he was competing in a 2v2 tournament with fellow streamer Newbz.

After getting randomly ambushed by a squad in a helicopter, the pair revealed they were suspicious of their opponents and quickly discovered that one of them, LoRDNeTTa, was streaming on Twitch.


It did not take long for Tommey to realize that LoRDNeTTa and his squad had purposefully tracked down his team and he later exposed them on Twitter for their unfair tactics in-game.

“People like this honestly suck. They knew we were in a tournament yet still do this s**t,” Tommey added, sharing the clip of LoRDNeTTa’s squad hunting them down.

The streamer also responded to Tommey, apparently claiming that they were not aware of who he was or that they stream sniped him, however, LoRDNeTTa has since deleted his replies.

Despite the efforts to ruin his match, Tommey somehow managed to put the drama aside shortly after and even went on to win the Warzone tournament with Newbz.


As of now, it is unclear whether Activision or Twitch have issued any punishments to the stream snipers or whether any further measures will be introduced as attention turns to Black Ops Cold War.