Call of Duty

Streamer drama as Destiny calls out WackyJacky for tweet comparing BO4 Blackout and PUBG

by Mitch Reames


In a bit of drama between Twitch streamers, Destiny called out WackyJacky for a recent tweet comparing Black Ops 4’s Blackout with PUBG.


The aim of WackyJacky’s tweet is to compare the two games but his inherent bias as a PUBG player comes through in the language he uses to compare the games, despite trying to take a neutral position at the end.


Destiny, who is banned from Twitter, pulled up the tweet on his stream.

“Firstly, PUBG’s gunplay is not ‘very complicated,’ how embarrassing for you to tweet something that fucking stupid,” he said while highlighting WackyJacky’s tweet. “What a fuckin jerk-off. This is like ‘oh I’m going to do both sides but really the other side sucks.’ Like fuck off, what a dumb fucking tweet.”


Destiny is fair to call out WackyJacky’s bias. The latter only focuses on PUBG with all of his channel’s videos being in the game.

As such, his audience is very PUBG centered and the tweet definitely takes some liberties with hyperbole.


While PUBG may have a bit more complicated gun system, Blackout is brand new and will continue evolving, as Treyarch has shown with multiple updates since launch. As such, it’s a bit too early to pit the two games as polar opposites this early in the lifespan of Blackout.

In addition, calling one game casual and the other competitive is a pretty clear indicator of where WackyJacky’s true feelings lie and Destiny has a point in calling out his bias.