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Twitch streamer deliberately exposes his Warzone cheats live

Published: 23/Sep/2020 16:47

by Jacob Hale


A Twitch streamer has deliberately exposed himself as a hacker in Warzone in one of the most bizarre displays of decision-making you’ll ever see.

Hackers have run rampant in Warzone ever since it first launched, and has been one of the biggest issues in the game from the community’s perspective, with many players losing matches to enemies’ inexplicably accurate aim and awareness.

In the past, some cheaters have been stupid enough to accidentally show their modifications while streaming, or explain their methods to top streamers such as TimTheTatman.

This, though, is a whole new level of questionable, as a player purposely showcased his hacks for his stream to see.


Despite Warzone being in its fifth season, hackers still run riot in Verdansk.

Twitch user truegatter, who has been streaming for around two weeks at the time of writing, loaded into his first Warzone match on September 22 and was quickly opening and closing the cheat menu.

It was already clear that he was cheating, with the nameplate of every player in the match popping up above their heads and making them easier to spot.

Then, when in the match, his opponents had clear yellow boxes around them to better grab his attention, and he even joked about putting a headshot cheat on, too, seemingly to impress his friends.

The issue is, it wasn’t even all that impressive, and even his friends were questioning his antics.


“Don’t tell me this is your real account, bro?” they asked him, perhaps assuming he was on a second account. When gatter confirmed that it was actually his main account, and that Warzone streamer SuperEvan had already exposed him, his friend simply asked why he was cheating.

Gatter’s only response was that he “copped it today and wanted to see what it was like” while flicking through all of the different settings.

It’s obvious that gatter isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed to have gone live while doing this, but it’s not yet known whether he has been banned as a result of his hacking. His Twitch account remains active at the time of writing, but the platform is typically quick to suspend channels which use cheats or hacks in games.