Twitch streamer BobbyPoff goes on wild rant against Activision over Warzone hacking

BobbyPoff next to Warzone SniperTwitter: BobbyPoff/Activision

Popular streamer BobbyPoff snapped while live on Twitch over Warzone’s ongoing hacker issues, calling on the game’s publisher Activision to do more to stop the prevalence of cheaters.

Warzone, despite its incredible popularity and the undeniable success of its first year, has been seriously affected by hackers. Many content creators, streamers and regular players find their games ruined by cheating opponents all too frequently.

The issues have, understandably, prompted many to call on Activision to do more. As a multibillion-dollar company, players argue that the Call of Duty publisher has more than adequate resources to implement a robust anti-cheat system.

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Some Warzone pros and competitive players have even suggested boycotting future events, at least until Activision break their silence over the prominence of cheaters.

Call of Duty Warzone Gulag battleInfinity Ward
Some players are getting an unfair advantage in Warzone, by using cheats to get one up on their opponent.

BobbyPoff, like many other creators, has grown in prominence off the back of Warzone. He sits at 175,000 followers on Twitch, and can be found regularly dropping into Verdansk, as well as dropping some seriously impressive numbers.

In a clip posted to Twitter, Bobby can be seen trying to escape a skirmish in a helicopter. However, an enemy with a FFAR snapped onto him in the helicopter, and promptly knocked him into the down-but-not-out state.

Suspicions were instantly raised, with the killcam serving as final proof. Understandably, Bobby became irate.

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“100% hacking,” he said, before launching into an expletive-filled rant. “God-f**king-damn you Activision! You greedy motherf**kers. I’m trying to make a living here and you f**king greedy corporate f**ks can suck on my 18-inch c**k. Two games in a row, I’m trying to make a f**king living here. Two goddamn games in a row! You greedy motherf**kers!”

“I’m trying to do my goddamn job, why don’t you invest some money [in an anti-cheat]? Two games in a f**king row, in the biggest tournament – you guys are f**king stupid.”

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The tweet garnered a lot of traction, with fans echoing Bobby’s immense frustrations at Activision’s silence over the game’s major cheating problems. It currently sits at over 7,000 RTs and just shy of 50,000 likes.

Whether Activision are working on an anti-cheat remains to be seen, but many players are more irritated by their failure to provide any meaningful updates. In the meantime, rants like this will remain common. We’ll just have to hope our asterisk keys keep working.