TrueGameData reveals underrated Vanguard SMG with “unmatched” damage in Warzone

Vanguard Type 100 with WZ Pacific logoActivision

Warzone expert and YouTuber TrueGameData claims that CoD Vanguard’s Type 100 SMG is the best in the battle royale when it comes to damage output and should be most player’s sniper support weapon of choice. 

With all of Vanguard’s weapons available in Call of Duty: Warzone, WWII guns have had a renaissance on Caldera as the MP40, Cooper Carbine and Owen Gun all dominate the most popular weapons list.

Naturally, some weapons do not quite make the grade and are left behind as metas evolve. One of those is the Type 100; a well-known weapon in the CoD series but one that currently sits at a pick rate of just 0.77%. 

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However, according to Warzone data specialist TrueGameData, it’s one of the very best options for players in Season 2 Reloaded.

Call of Duty Vanguard New ARTreyarch/Activision
All of Vanguard’s weapons have been in Warzone for some time.

Speaking in an April 22 YouTube video, TGD outlined its incredible damage compared to other SMGs and claimed it is on a par with the much more popular MP40. 

“It’s never been changed, it still has ridiculous damage per second,” he said. “The Type 100 is all the way up [the DPS chart], a 100 DPS almost higher than the Owen Gun.

“It’s just insane and I know the recoil goes left and right, left and right and it feels hard to control. But in my experience, inside 15 meters, it still fries people.” 

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Timestamp of 5:00

While it does kick more than some of the strongest SMGs, and has smaller magazines, the damage output makes it incredibly effective at downing enemies at close range. 

TGD finished: “In my opinion, the Type 100 is still the best gun [at close ranges]. I know the mag is small, it’s one of those guns that’s hard to use, it’s gonna be hard to get multiple kills with it but I’ve always been someone who just loves having the best TTK… it just melts people.” 

It may not be suited to longer range engagements, but that’s where players’ secondary weapons should come in. With the Type 100, that’s best off being a sniper rifle or a long-range, low-recoil assault rifle like the Kilo or Grau. 

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