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TrueGameData reveals long awaited Warzone fix that buffs sniper rifles

Published: 26/Mar/2022 12:05

by Joe Craven


Warzone expert and YouTuber TrueGameData has revealed a long awaited fix to flinch resistance attachments is finally in the battle royale, making a host of Vanguard weapons more viable in Season 2 Reloaded.

One of the most innovative aspects of Warzone – but also one that has contributed to the amount of glitches in the game – has been the integration of weapons, equipment, and more from multiple Call of Duty titles.

Activision’s decision to conflate the content of multiple titles in one place has led to an unprecedented amount of choice for players, especially in terms of weapons.

However, a bug with flinch resistance attachments has been nerfing almost all Vanguard weapons, with players coming under fire far less likely to be able to hit their shots because of the uncontrollable level of kick their aim experiences.


Warzone gameplay
Flinch has long been a contentious topic in Call of Duty titles.

TrueGameData, though, has now confirmed that the bug has been fixed, and flinch resistance attachments are back to working as intended in Warzone.

In a March 25 YouTube video, the Warzone expert, delved into recoil patterns for plenty of weapons, highlighting the fact that perks to minimize flinch resistance now do just that.

“I do have some good information,” he said. “Yes, flinch resistance works.”

He compared the Vanguard Kar98k with full flinch resistance attachments to the base version of the weapon, revealing a major reduction in flinch when the attachments are now equipped.

Topic begins at 2:15 

The change affects all Vanguard weapons but is naturally most noticeable on weapons where hitting a single shot is vital – meaning it constitutes a nice little buff for sniper rifles.


Snipers have long been a popular choice in Warzone, and this change could just make them even more prominent in meta.

For all the changes in Season 2 Reloaded, you can check out the full patch notes here.