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TrueGameData reveals “broken” Warzone attachments nerfing Vanguard guns

Published: 15/Mar/2022 12:12

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Warzone stats guru TrueGameData has revealed that there are still a number of “broken” attachments for Vanguard’s weapons, including some that are nerfing snipers. 

When it comes to crafting the perfect loadout for Warzone, there are plenty of different ways to go – especially seeing as Call of Duty: Vanguard weapons can use up to ten attachments.

Having the right combination of attachments can easily reduce the recoil down to a point where it’s barely noticeable, or even boost the damage of a weapon so that it’s pretty unbeatable in a gunfight.

However, there are apparently a number of Vanguard-specific attachments that just aren’t working properly, and they’re a bit of a waste of a pick – especially as they can do more harm than good.


Gunsmith in Warzone
Gunsmith is in Warzone, so players have tonnes of options when it comes to attachments.

Warzone stats guru TrueGameData highlighted a few of the problematic attachments in his March 15 video, showing that when it comes to Welgun, the Flash Hider muzzle and Unmarked perk do not give much position concealment as they’re supposed to. Meaning, you’re visible to enemies.

On top of that, the YouTuber noted that the Vanguard snipers are also struggling due to the “broken” attachments. Notably, the Shrouded perk is not concealing glint as it should, and using it is a waste.

Additionally, attachments with Flinch Resistance – like the VDD Thumbhole stock and Focus perk – aren’t working either. “It does not work. None of the Flinch Resistance perks are working at all yet, none of the attachments are working, which is a really big bummer because that would make these Vanguard snipers a lot better,” the YouTuber added after testing some max Flinch Resistance loadouts.


Broken attachments are certainly not new to Warzone, they have been an issue before, but it can be a while before the developers get things ironed out.

The YouTuber also noted that he’s looking under hood at recoil perks, so there could be a handful of things that the devs need to look at before long.