TrueGameData proves Warzone PPSh can still be meta despite Season 2 nerfs

. 4 months ago
TrueGameData proves Warzone PPSh can still be meta despite Season 2 nerfs
Activision / TrueGameData

Warzone expert TrueGameData breaks down why the PPSh could still find its way into the Season 2 meta despite it getting nerfed from its overpowered state. 

At the beginning of Season 2, the PPSh received a secret buff that made it one of the strongest guns in Warzone history.

The devs noted that this was caused by a glitch that was giving the SMG higher damage values than intended.

In a February 24 Warzone patch, the buff was removed but Raven still made the gun better than it originally was. And TrueGameData shows why it can still be viable on Caldera.

TrueGameData shows new TTK for PPSh

The PPSh was extremely strong, but while the devs reverted its bugged state, they also gave it a damage buff from its original state.

In a YouTube video, TrueGameData goes through the three stages this gun was in and how it stacks up now. These versions are “Old Old” “OP” and “Current.”

When looking at the current compared to the OP, the gun lost about 7-10 damage at close-range, but still kept most of its damage at medium.

However, as you can see in the chart below, it still stacks up rather nicely to its ‘Old Old’ version.

TrueGameData PPSh Warzone
Here is the TTK graph that compares all three versions of the Warzone PPSh.

You can see from the picture that the live state of the PPSh actually gains damage in close and medium range. This is the main reason he claims that the gun is still good for Warzone.

TGD does believe that the Welgun will dominate Season 2 following all of the nerfs. However, he still thinks that the PPSh is really good and viable. So if you spent time leveling it up and want to use the SMG, it shouldn’t hurt you too much.

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