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Treyarch Tease New Secret Game Mode and New Map For Black Ops 4 Beta – Plus Changes After First Weekend

Published: 6/Aug/2018 3:03 Updated: 7/Oct/2020 16:37

by Calum Patterson


Treyarch has revealed that a “secret new mode that has been kept under tight wraps” will be coming soon the Black Ops 4 beta, plus a host changes and updates.

The day 3 recap rounds up the first weekend of action enjoyed by PlayStation 4 players, which was fans first experience with the upcoming release.

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For next weekend, where Xbox One, PS4 and PC players will get hands on, here’s what Treyarch has teased:

“Just because Week 1 is coming to a close doesn’t mean we’re shutting things down. . . we’ll be back with a second week of Beta action starting this Friday (PS4/XB1/PC), which will feature a few new items that you’ll want to jump in to see. We probably shouldn’t reference the new map that you saw in the beta trailer, secret new mode that has been kept under tight wraps, new XP events, and/or new level caps that you’ll see next week, so we definitely won’t do that.”

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Check out the full day 3 recap for what Treyarch are changing and looking into:

To all of you in the Call of Duty Black Ops community, you’ve played the living hell out of this game over the weekend, and you’ve provided an incredible amount feedback – the entire team at Treyarch sends its thanks. These last few days have put a spotlight on what it means to be a part of this community, and it’s an amazing opportunity that wouldn’t happen without you.

Alright, enough mushy stuff. Let’s get on with the updates – while you were enjoying your morning chai lattes, we were rolling out a new live update with the following changes:

  • Added Kill Confirmed to Chaos TDM and set it as the Featured Playlist.
  • Fixed several spawn issues that were discovered in Domination thanks to your help.
  • Added functionality to lock the Specialist select mid-match in Search & Destroy to prevent players from dying when switching Specialists during a round in progress.
  • Made numerous stability fixes and performance improvements.

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Next week, we have a lot more in store, including new content and a title update that addresses many larger-scale issues, along with additional tuning based on what we’re seeing with performance of content. Here is a preview of what’s to come in the upcoming title update:

  • Scorestreaks
    • We’ve made a big pass at tuning the effectiveness of Scorestreaks that are underperforming. This includes: expanding the Hellstorm cluster lock-on radius, increasing the damage per shell of the Lighting Strike, upping the health of the Sentry turret, increasing the Strike Team’s weapon accuracy, improving the Strafe Run’s plane pathing and increasing the Attack Chopper’s targeting capabilities.
  • Movement
    • As promised, we’ve also made some modifications to locomotion, namely to reduce the amount of bunny hopping + sliding combo moves. We realize how important locomotion is to the feel of the game, so this is always a delicate balancing act and we’re taking it slow, starting with: reducing the global jump height by 5 units; slowing down very slightly the acceleration on sliding; and jumping multiple times in a row will now scale down jump height with each subsequent jump.
  • Maps/Modes
    • A pass at performance optimizations has been made across all maps in the Beta for improved framerate.
    • Made a pass at global spawn improvements in various maps and modes.
    • Updated Hardpoint locations and rotation on Seaside.
  • Specialist Weaponry/Equipment
    • We’ve made some tuning adjustments including reducing overall effectiveness of the K9 Unit while fixing some of its more *ahem* egregious pathing issues.
  • Armor
    • Because we know this is a hot topic, we’re going to address it separately with a dedicated thread. We did say that we wanted to leave this alone until more content is unlocked, and we’ve had more time to crunch the data from all of the content in the game. For now, we are making some early tweaks which we’ll discuss in a later post.