Treyarch show off remastered version of Firing Range map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Calum Patterson

In the third of a series of map previews for Black Ops 4, Treyarch has now shown off the classic and revered ‘Firing Range’, which will be making it’s return once again to a Black Ops title.

Firing Range is now the only map to be featured in every iteration of the Black Ops series, except of course Nuketown, which will also be making it’s way to Black Ops 4, though not till November.

First appearing in the original Black Ops, it has long been regarded as one of the best designed maps in the franchise’s history, and with good reason.

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Based on a military base in Cuba, inspired by the events of the original Black Ops campaign, Firing Range is bright, warm and always full of action.

Despite being relatively small, it allows for both short and medium range fights, and there is good variety of verticality. 

It loosely follows the three lane design which Treyarch is known for, but it is not straigh forward layout, instead taking a more boomerang like shape, with the center of the map very open and dangerous.

The official in-game description of the map in Black Ops 4 reads:

U.S. Forces gear up for Red Team/Blue Team blue team combat training exercises in this Guantanamo Bay military base.

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Treyarch has already shown off two other new maps, Morroco, which is not a remake, and then the remastered version of another classic Black Ops 1 map, Summit.

In total there are now thirteen maps confirmed for multiplayer, with two more remasters still to be shown (Slums and Jungle), plus one more unknown map, which was seen in the recent launch trailer.

This map featured a jungle terrain with trees, foliage, some sort of body of water, so fans are still eagerly waiting a teaser video for it.