Call of Duty

Treyarch reveals what's coming next for Black Ops 4 - Pro Series Playlist, Blackout camo progression, and more

by Wyatt Donigan


It's shaping up to be a hectic week for Call of Duty fans, as Treyarch have detailed even more content that's set to hit Black Ops 4 very soon. 


After a quiet start to 2019, Treyarch have gotten back into the swing of things with a consistent and steady stream of new Black Ops 4 updates. 

The v1.12 update dropped on January 29, bringing plenty of new features and changes for every game mode and now Treyarch have revealed that there is even more in store on January 31.


In a series of tweets posted on January 30, Treyarch announced that a few highly-anticipated features are coming in less than 24 hours. 

As with the last few updates, this one will bring a little bit of everything to players of all three game modes. 

Multiplayer fans are no doubt anticipating the release of the Pro Series playlist as a way to hold themselves over until the launch of League Play. This new playlist will feature the full CWL ruleset in a more casual, non-ranked setting. 

Zombies fans will be able to look forward to new Mastery Camos and additional camo support to bring the progression in line with what Multiplayer has to offer. 

Finally, Blackout will be receiving new camo progression and Mastery Camos, along with a brand-new unlock mission for a Zero outfit.


Not only that, but they also announced that Blackout would be getting a special 2X Merit event this weekend to go along with brand-new camos.

It will kick off on February 1 at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT and until February 4 at the same time. 


It's unknown when exactly this update will go live, but we expect it to drop at the usual time of 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT. 

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