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Call of Duty • Jan 20, 2019

Treyarch responds to "bulletproof windows" Blackout glitch

Treyarch responds to "bulletproof windows" Blackout glitch

Windows in Blackout may not be performing as intended as a new video proves bullets do not go through them.


Bullet penetration exists in Blackout for some wood walls and surfaces, but for some reason, glass is significantly stronger.

In a new clip, reddit user Completely-Knife demonstrated that bullets do not pass through windows until the glass is completely broken.


When firing a fully automatic weapon, the glass will break quickly and you may not notice the lessened damage, but those bullets could be the difference between winning and losing a gunfight in Blackout.

Meleeing the window before firing presents its own issues since the noise created will alert the enemy. Blackout players have to choose between reduced damage or making a lot of noise when firing near windows.

Thankfully, the bullet proof window seems to be a glitch instead of a design decision.

If you see a broken glass animation, your bullet did not do damage.


Matt Scronce, the Senior Gameplay Designer at Treyarch, said the team will be investigating the issue this week.

“We’ve addressed a few issues with breakable glass in a couple of previous title updates. Will bubble this up when we’re back in the office this week for additional investigation and fixes,” said Scronce.

In addition to the window glitch, Treyarch is also addressing issues with armor and camos in Blackout.

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