Treyarch preview brand new ‘Arsenal’ multiplayer map in new Black Ops 4 video

Albert Petrosyan

Treyarch have revealed a new multiplayer map called ‘Arsenal’ for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

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The new map was showcased by Treyarch on October 2 in a video that was posted on their official Twitter page.

The map is located at a futuristic facility that has interior and exterior portions, both of which look to be playable areas in game. 

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Here is the in-game description for Arsenal, as provided by Treyarch in their posted video:

Hostile covert ops on a manufacturing facility of a powerful North American military defense contractor means someone may have stolen the keys to the castle.

Treyarch’s video not only provides a cinematic preview of the map, but also includes the mini-map layout, the same one that players will be able to see and use in-game.

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Arsenal was one of the maps that had already been announced by Treyarch in the months leading up to the release of Black Ops 4. 

In fact, those attending the Gamescom convention in August were given the chance to experience a play-through of the map.

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Arsenal is the second map to be given a showcase preview on October 2; the remastered version of the classic Firing Range map from the original Black Ops game was also shown in a video released earlier the same day. 

Similarly, both the new Morocco map and the remake of Summit were also shown in separate videos on October 1, bringing the total number of confirmed maps that will be available at launch to 12.

With many of the maps having already been playable during the beta, it’s unclear how many more will be revealed by Treyarch before October 12, although another one was hinted at in a recent launch trailer that looked to feature a jungle terrain with foliage and a body of water.