Treyarch Game Designer Comments on Character Collision, Flinch and More in Black Ops 4

Treyarch game designer Matt Scronce has been active on Reddit answering fans queries about various designs and mechanics in the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

The beta for Black Ops 4 multiplayer is set for August 3, first on PlayStation (a second weekend on both Xbox and PlayStation August 10), and Treyarch will be anticipating lots of feedback on various multiplayer aspects.

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Ahead of the beta’s release, Scronce has discussed two very specific, but also very significant design choices – character collision and flinch.

Flinch was a major concern in the most recent title, CoD: WWII, and underwent numerous changes since the game’s release to fine tune it to a more comfortable state.

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Character collision was another issue, but more so in Treyarch’s previous game, Black Ops III, as it would affect the high paced movement and wall running mechanics.

Scronce has confirmed that in its current build, character collision has been “drastically reduced” and is now a ‘smart system’.


For flinch, the team at Treyarch will wait on feedback and data from the beta before deciding on final levels ahead of release.

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Scronce primary focus on the design team seems to be movement, and previously hinted that ‘ledge sliding’ from Black Ops III would return in the upcoming game.

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Treyarch will be expecting feedback from the beta in heaps, and will be making adjustments to all aspects accordingly, meaning nothing is final ahead of the October 12th release date.