Treyarch drop first teaser for updated Blackout map ahead of upcoming Black Ops 4 Operation

. 3 years ago

Treyarch is gearing up for a major update to Black Ops 4, and have now released a teaser for the upcoming additions to their battle royale, Blackout.

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Black Ops 4 is expected to get its next major operation February 19 on PlayStation 4 and February 26 on the Xbox One and PC. With the update, players can expect a lot of content for the game’s Multiplayer, Blackout, and Zombies modes.

In a tweet, Treyarch showed a brief video of blueprints for the Blackout out map. The video reveals numerous hotspots throughout the map, but goes on to drawing a big red X on the Southeast portion of the blueprints.

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The teaser has added fuel to the flames of existing Blackout rumors, leading fans to believe that this will be the location of a new point of interest.

Previously, Reddit users had found what appeared to be surveying stakes spread throughout the Blackout terrain, which now seems to be the theme Treyarch is going for with their use of blueprints to tease out the new POI.

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The full blueprint featured in the teaser with all of the final markings.

Treyarch Studio Design Director, David Vonderhaar, had previously confirmed that a major addition to Blackout would be the introduction of a new location and it seems the company has been teasing its location on the map this whole time.

Players will be thrilled to hear of the possibility for multiple points of interest making their way to Blackout but at least one big new location is in the works.

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Since its release, the battle royale has only added one POI in the form Hijack’s yacht while constantly adding visual updates to its map.

Blackout fans have been reeling with the lack of content added to its game, and they’ll most likely hear more about the new changes to come in the battle royale the closer it gets to the update’s February 19 release.

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