Treyarch developer gives incredibly detailed reply to user who thought they died to a glitch

A post by /u/DukeNZ titled “Treyarch please, I want an explanation” had gained a lot of traction on /r/BlackOps4 when a developer broke down the video in question on a frame by frame basis.

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The post shows an engagement where the OP seemed to get the jump on their opponent and hit most of their shots, only to end up dead.

Some people questioned if the lack of a kill was the result of a glitch or a bug, but the actual answer was much more complex.

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/u/TFlameZ from Treyarch broke down the video and said the confusion was a combination of two different issues.

The first, was that while it was apparent that five bullets made clean contact with the opponent, the first shot actually was fired during the transition from hipfire to aiming down the site.

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As a result, the shot hit the top stair causing the damage to decrease but still showing a hitmarker, making it appear to OP as if the shot had done more damage than it actually did.

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The second issue has to do with the length of time the hitmarker stays on screen. Because shots are fired so quickly, the hitmarker appears to always be active but in reality, only five of the 12 shots actually made contact, with one having less damage because of glancing off the stair.

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The full post is below and you can see the lengths that the devs went too to answer this question.


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For fans of the game, that kind of response is great to see and the replies to the comment showed their appreciation for the developer taking the time.

“Wow this response was awesome. We love communication like this. Keep it up guys!” – /u/Elgoomtaf

“Holy shit, OP just got Valve’d” – /u/WadeLT3

“‘You’re trash, get so fucked’ – Treyarch” – /u/HotPlastic_

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