Top 50 Warzone streamers: Shroud & xQc make surprise entries in July rankings

shroud and xqc in warzoneLG/HyperX/Activision

Call of Duty: Warzone might not be the main game of choice for Shroud or xQc, but after dipping their toes in it briefly, they’ve managed to crack the most-watched list for July.

Ever since PUBG and H1Z1, battle royale games have dominated on Twitch. Fans want to see their favorite streamers take home the glory and pull off some incredible plays while doing so.

In the case of Warzone, it remains as one of Twitch’s top games, even though many big creators have decided to mix in other games due to the cheating epidemic in Verdansk.

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With many big streamers dipping out and playing something else, it opens up spots on the most-watched list for others – including someone like xQc who only briefly flirted with the battle royale.

Warzone train lineActivision
Despite Warzone’s popularity, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

That’s right, the stats for July’s most-watched Warzone streamers have dropped, and while it’s no surprise to see NICKMERCS, Swagg, TimTheTatMan, and Tfue on top, there are some interesting additions.

They mainly come in the form of xQc and Shroud, who, while commanding big audiences, didn’t exactly play the battle royale for hours on end. The two top creators briefly hopped into games on Verdansk and Rebirth Island, with xQc having to deal with hacking stream snipers for most of his games.

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While they both bring plenty of eyes to the battle royale, neither cracked the top-10. As per the stats from SullyGnome, xQc was just outside the top-10 at 12th, while Shroud checked in at 29th overall.

Though, had xQc streamed for a few hours more, he could have easily dislodged TeePee or DiazBiffle from the top-10.

Both ZLaner and Formal, who cracked last month’s top-50, dropped out of July’s standings given they’ve slowed down on their involvement with the battle royale.

As other creators continue to play other games, it’ll be interesting to see how next month’s stats shake out and if any of the big names drop out entirely.

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