What is the best gun in Vanguard? Top 10 most popular weapons


Vanguard officially launched in November 2021, and a meta quickly formed with weapons such as the STG44, Combat Shotgun, and MP40 hitting hard right out of the gate. But what are the best guns in Vanguard, and which weapons are actually the most popular in the game?

The Vanguard meta has shifted gradually throughout its lifespan, from an abundance of STGs to a frustrating swath of shotguns mowing you down with ease.

That said, there’s a whole host of other weapons getting a decent run of play in the multiplayer modes. Here are the top 10 most popular weapons in the game based on kill share percentage, with data provided by CoDRanked, allowing you to determine what is the best gun in Vanguard.

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Most used CoD Vanguard weapons

Before kicking off the list, it’s worth noting that there is no data for Submachine Guns in the stats provided, and this has been the case since the game launched. So, while guns like the MP40 are insanely popular, they’re not counted among the most popular in this list.

10. DP27 (LMG)

Best DP27 CoD Vanguard class loadout: attachments, perks, proficiency, setupActivision
The DP27 is one of the best LMGs in the game.

The only LMG on the list, the DP27 has an insane DPS and floats in that middle ground between an LMG and an AR, meaning it’s slightly more mobile than other weapons in its class.

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It has a 3.5% killshare according to CoDRanked, but the 1.32 average KD definitely makes it worthwhile trying.

9. Kar98 (Sniper)

Best Vanguard Ranked Kar98k loadout that CDL pros are usingActivision
The Kar98 is always going to be a popular pick in any Call of Duty game.

The Kar98 has long been one of the most popular weapons in any CoD game it exists in, including being the primary sniper in Warzone for almost two years.

It’s similarly as popular in Vanguard, with a 3.7% killshare — far above the next sniper, the 3-Line Rifle, which has just 1.4%.

8. AS44 (AR)

AS44 cod vanguardActivision
The AS44 is a sleeper pick in Vanguard.

The AS44 makes its return in Vanguard, and seems a sturdy pick among a very top-heavy meta.

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It has a 5.0% kill share rate and a 19% headshot ratio, making it clinical for those with good aim.

7. Volkssturmgewehr (AR)

volk vanguardActivision
The Volk is back in Vanguard and is enjoying some decent usage.

A bit of a tongue twister, most players will often refer to the Volkssturmgewehr as just the “Volk.” But while pronunciation is tough, the gun itself is even tougher.

The Volk has a 5.0% kill share and is definitely on the higher end of ARs in the game — well worth trying out if you’re getting tired of the STG.

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6. MG42 (LMG)

CoD Vanguard MG42Activision
The MG42 is a powerful pick in CoD Vanguard.

The only LMG to feature in the top 10, the MG42 is the first LMG unlocked and is fairly mobile, great if you want a weapon that will hit hard but doesn’t require being sat too still.

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The MG42 has a 5.1% kill share in Vanguard, and with a great rate of fire, mag size, and relatively easy recoil, it’s well worth running some games with to see what you can do.

5. BAR (AR)

CoD Vanguard BarActivision
The BAR packs a punch in CoD Vanguard.

Fans of 2017’s CoD: WWII will remember the BAR being a dominant force in the meta, and while it’s not quite as popular, it’s still proving to be a fan-favorite four years later.

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The BAR has a 5.9% kill share in Vanguard, and a 1.34 KD, making it one of the most lethal in the game.

4. NZ-41 (AR)

NZ-41 vanguard weaponActivision
The NZ-41 ranks low among the ARs — but high compared to the rest of the Vanguard weapon pool.

The NZ-41 isn’t a classic Call of Duty like the BAR or STG, but it’s proving to be popular enough in Vanguard.

The weapon has a 6.0% kill share rate and ranks as the third most used AR in Vanguard. It might not be the best gun in Vanguard, but it’s definitely up there.

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3. Combat Shotgun

Combat Shotgun + Call of Duty Vanguard logoActivision
The Combat Shotgun is nightmare fuel for Das Haus players.

At this point, we’ve all seen the viral clips of Vanguard players abusing the Combat Shotgun in Das Haus to secure fast V2 Rockets, and since they can one-shot players with almost laughable ease, it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular.

With a 9.3% kill share, the Combat Shotgun has become a fearsome opponent in the game and one that many players dread coming up against. Unfortunately for them, that’s almost impossible right now.

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2. Automaton (AR)

Call of Duty Vanguard AutomatonActivision / Sledgehammer Games
The Automaton is very popular in Vanguard.

From the Automaton and up, the kill share ratio jumps up drastically. The Automaton is at 13.2%, and is by far the second-most popular assault rifle in Vanguard.

You can use the best Automaton loadout to rack up some serious kills in Vanguard, but you’ll have to get through the teething pains of controlling its recoil and coming up against STG players at first.

1. STG44 (AR)

STG44 in WarzoneActivision
The STG44 is a lethal force in Vanguard.

Was there ever any doubt? With a 22.4% kill share, the STG is by far the most popular and the best gun in Vanguard, and that’s unlikely to change any time soon unless the weapon gets a serious nerf.

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The STG has also been in and out of the Warzone meta consistently, at times becoming the favored assault rifle among some hugely powerful weapons.

While the SMG data isn’t available, it doesn’t take a genius to see how much weapons like the MP40 dominate, especially in Ranked Play where top players look to get the best of each other.