Top 10 craziest comebacks in Call of Duty history

Top 10 Craziest comebacks in CoD historyDexerto

From the most ridiculous reverse sweeps to historic Round 11 clutches, we’ve put together the 10 craziest comebacks in Call of Duty history, rounding up the biggest moments from the likes of OpTic, 100 Thieves, and more.

There’s nothing that gets the crowd going quite like a good comeback in the CoD scene. Right as a series looks done and dusted, we’ve seen teams switch gears and pull their way back to a massive victory. But what are the greatest standouts of all time?

From a miraculous rebound by 100 Thieves in a series against FaZe, to Envy’s Champs performance against eUnited, we’ve put together the top 10 comebacks in CoD history.

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