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Tommey’s team wins FaZe Face Off Warzone tournament: results & recap

Published: 18/Sep/2020 3:45 Updated: 18/Sep/2020 3:53

by Brad Norton


FaZe Clan was the latest major organization to host its own Warzone tournament with Twitch Rivals, and it kicked off on September 17 with a number of notable pros and streamers taking part.

Warzone has become arguably the biggest game of 2020, with just about every top streamer dropping into Verdansk at some point and testing their skill against their peers.

A number of huge Warzone tournaments have cropped up as a result, and some streamers and pros have gained massive popularity as well. FaZe Clan’s event was the latest that tried to prove who the best of the best truly was.


Here’s everything you need to know to catch up on FaZe Clan’s Face-Off Twitch Rivals Warzone tournament.

Warzone helicopters at stadium
Season 5 is continuing the momentum Warzone has had in recent months, and FaZe Clan celebrated it with the biggest names.

FaZe Face Off Warzone tournament recap

The latest Warzone competition had plenty to play for. Teams were competing for a share of the enormous prize pool so everyone brought their A-game. Each squad was filled out with veteran players, popular content creators, and mainstream celebrities to keep things balanced. As a result, scorelines could not have been closer.

A few hours passed as all 25 lineups got into a groove and put up their best games. Ultimately, only a handful made it through to the finals portion of the event. It’s here that the stakes were raised and some of the most clutch plays came out. Tommey’s team had their backs against the wall going into their final match of the day. They were down in kills, wins, and therefore overall points. Yet they managed to close out one of the most intense games they’ll ever play.


Warzone Twitch Rivals scoreboard
Twitch Rivals
The final scorelines for the top eight teams.

A win was needed, as were a few dozen kills. That’s exactly what they got done in the final round to eek out a minuscule lead over second-place and take out the win. Similar can be said for teams further down the line as it was just single-digit kills that separated second and third place in the final standings. Check out the final placements for the top eight teams below.

FaZe Face Off Warzone tournament results (Top 8)

Place Team $ Prize Money
1st Tommey, Almxnd, Chris Morales, Mikal Bridges $24,000
2nd Frag, Slay, Superduperdaft, Superduperkyle $15,000
3rd Luckychamu, NLE Choppa, Priestahh, Repullze $8,250
4th Huskerrs, Max Holloway, Scump, Symfuhny $5,500
5th Aydan, Bradley Perry, FaZe Apex, Mutex $2,750
6th Carnage, Clutchbelk, Destroy, Zach Lavine $2,250
7th Anthony, Alfredo, Frozone, GDBooya, Superevan $1,750
8th Finessen, Kane Brown, Rated, Timthetatman $1,500

Schedule — Tournament date & time

The Face-Off Warzone tournament took place on Thursday, September 17, with 25 teams consisting of pros, streamers, and celebrities taking part.

The broadcast officially kicked off at 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 10pm BST / 7am AEST.



While most of the players in the tournament, such as Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff, were streaming their own perspectives, there were a few official streams to tune into as well. From a hub broadcast to a live scoreboard as well.

The two official streams were on FaZe’s official Twitch channel, which we’ve embedded below, and the official Twitch Rivals channel, too.

Be sure to scroll down to find out who played in the tournament if you’re looking to catch up on a particular player or streamer.

Who played?

There were 25 teams playing in the FaZe Clan Warzone tournament, with 100 players dropping into Verdansk to compete.


This included the likes of Scump, Symfuhny, NICKMERCS, Nav, Marshmello, Priestahh, and many more. Check out the graphic below to find out the full teams.

Twitch Rivals FaZe Clan Warzone tournament
Twitch Rivals
Full teams for FaZe Clan’s Twitch Rivals tournament.

So, there’s everything you need to know to catch up on the FaZe Clan Warzone tournament with Twitch Rivals. It was a star-studded day of action in Verdansk that proved to be one of the most intense tournaments yet.