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Tommey’s duo wins $15k TeeP’s Trials Warzone tourney: final results

Published: 26/Aug/2020 2:45 Updated: 26/Aug/2020 2:49

by Albert Petrosyan


Call of Duty World Champion and Twitch superstar Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow hosted another one of his fan-favorite ‘TeeP’s Trials’ Warzone tournaments, and we’ve got everything you need to catch up on all of the latest action.

Personality-based tournaments have taken center-stage in the Call of Duty scene ever since Warzone came into prominence in early March, and TeeP’s Trials have been one of the more popular ones among the game’s playerbase.

Hosted by Polchow himself, these competitions always feature the biggest names in the gaming content creation sphere. These popular personalities all battle it out for a massive prize pool – not to mention the glory that comes with being a Warzone tourney champion. The latest iteration of the event just took place on August 25 and we’ve got you sorted with a full overview of how it played out.


Teep’s Trials Warzone event recap

The latest instance of the popular Warzone tournament saw some new names crack into the top of the standings. While many of the most stacked duos were dropped into the lower bracket early, most found their footing here. For instance, CDL commentator Maven pushed through to a top-eight finish for the first time in his competitive Warzone tenure. Even taking out the likes of former event winners in Jukeyz & YKTDeleo

Having been grinding hard since the latest patch dropped on August 24, however, it was SuperEvan and Tfue that cruised through the entire upper bracket. They entered the Grand Final series with momentum on their side but had to wait while the lower side of the competition played out.


Despite falling in the second round, it was Tommey & AlmxndTV that pulled off a miraculous run to meet them in the final matchup. This duo won five lower bracket rounds in a row against some of the top competitors in the event. Marking one of the best comeback performances thus far in Teep’s Trials events.

Their impressive run continued through the first map of the finals as they secured a massive 21 point lead over Tfue’s duo in the first map. The bracket was soon reset as this lead extended through the second map. Ultimately, they were able to close the show as Tommey & AlmxndTV claimed yet another Warzone event victory.


Teep’s Trials Warzone event placements (Top 8)

Place Team $ Prize Money
1st Tommey & AlmxndTV $7,000
2nd SuperEvan & Tfue $5,000
3rd Symfuhny & HusKerrs $2,000
4th KingRichard & Blazt $1,000
Top 6 Vikkstar123 & vxpulear
Top 6 Itzwarsz & Rated
Top 8 Maven & Wagnificent
Top 8 NICKMERCS & Swagg

When was the latest TeeP’s Trials tournament?

The latest running of this series took place on Tuesday, August 25, having kicked off at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET. The competition ran for a few hours as the biggest names went head to head. It was streamed live on TeeP’s Twitch channel, which we’ve included below along with some of the players’ personal streams, as well.


August 25 TeeP’s Trials live bracket

Here is the final bracket for this tournament, which was being updated live throughout the day on the official TeeP’s Trials website as results from all the matches came in.

August 25 Teep's Trials event
The final bracket for the latest Teep’s Trials event.

Players and teams

As mentioned above, TeeP’s Trials usually draw the cream of the crop when it comes to CoD Twitch streamers and YouTubers, and this August 25 running was no exception.


Featuring are the likes of NICKMERCS, Tfue, Aydan, Symfuhny, Karma, Vikkstar, and many more. Last week’s winners, Jukeys and YKTDeleo, were back as well to defend their crown.

  • Aydan & MuTeX
  • Rated & ItsWarsZ
  • Karma & UnRational
  • Tfue & SuperEvan
  • DougisRaw & Bronana
  • Jukeyz & YKTDeleo
  • Vikkstar & vxpulear
  • BobbyPoffGaming & Frozone
  • AlmxndTV & Tommey
  • Symfuhny & HusKerrs
  • Exzachtt & AverageJoeWo
  • NICKMERCS & Swagg
  • Maven & Wagnificent
  • KingRichard & Blazt
  • OhitsLevi & Seathles
  • oworkd pc & NFAmoist
BoomTVJukeyz and Deleo were the defending TeeP’s Trials champions.

Format, rules, prize breakdown

TeeP’s Trials is a 16-team, double-elimination duos tournament that features the popular ‘kill-race’ format, in which teams matched up together in the bracket must queue into two Quads matches together – so they’re opponents for the purposes of the tourney, even though they’re technically teammates in-game.

After the two matches are done, the duo with more combined eliminations advances to the next round. This same format applies for the losers bracket as well, with the only exception being that one game is played instead of two.


The teams that make it out of the winners and losers brackets then meet in the grand final, with the former having to only win one series while the latter needing to win two.

Infinity WardPlayers will be able to use Warzone’s new FiNN LMG in today’s TeeP’s Trials tournament.

There’s also this major rule in case Jailbreak in-game event occurs:

If a duo is fully eliminated and have no Gulag attempts left and the in-game event “Jailbreak” occurs. Upon re-deploying because of this event, the duo who was fully eliminated before this event was initiated in-game must immediately eliminate themselves. Players that have been re-deployed because of this CANNOT float around in their parachutes or accumulate or attempt to accumulate further eliminations. Doing so may result in a forfeit. Any eliminations accumulated by the eliminated team will not count.

To eliminate yourself upon re-deploy due to “Jailbreak” being activated, open your parachute and immediate cut the cord to your parachute. Doing this will cause your character to fall straight to the ground and eliminate yourself.

As for the $15,000 prize pool, it will be split between the top-four placing teams, with the winner receiving a whopping $7,000!

  • 1st Place: $7,000
  • 2nd Place: $5,000
  • 3rd Place: $2,000
  • 4th Place: $1,000