Tommey begs for Warzone stream-sniper fix after being hunted in Nadeshot’s $100k event

Tommey playing WarzoneInstagram: tommeyjt / Activision

100 Thieves’ very own Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren was playing in Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag’s $100K Invitational when stream-snipers spoiled the competition. Far from the first time this has happened, the Warzone star took to social media to plead for a permanent fix.

For the biggest Warzone personalities, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as the lack of a proper streamer mode. Without masking their identities in-game, enemies are able to watch their broadcast and hunt them down for easy kills.

It’s been a prevalent issue since Warzone shot to the top of the battle royale genre last year and — unfortunately — it doesn’t appear to be getting any better at the moment either. Players are constantly exposing stream snipers in their lobbies, though some are more terrifying than others.

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Despite asking for a fix back in March, and even getting a response last week, Tommey is still encountering these pesky players on a near-daily basis. It just so happened the latest incident came during Nadeshot’s massive $100K tourney.

Nadeshot $100K InvitationalTwitter: Nadeshot
Stream-sniping has always been an issue in Warzone but frustrations boiled over for Tommey in Nadeshot’s recent $100K Invitational.

“Hi Raven Software, just really want to know if you plan on changing streamer mode,” he asked in a May 18 tweet. An accompanying video showed the perspective of someone Tommey wiped out part-way through the competition. Immediately after being downed, the streamer noticed who they’d been killed by.

“No way, that’s Tommey,” they screamed while also broadcasting live for the world to see. “He’s in 100 Thieves. F***ing pussy, I hate that f***ing guy.”

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Moments later, he realized he could track Tommey down for some swift revenge: “He’s streaming? He’s in a tournament… I’m stream-sniping this pussy.”

All the player had to do was pull up Tommey’s Twitch stream to instantly know his whereabouts in Verdansk. Upon winning his Gulag, he could drop back in and make it his sole focus to try and kill Tommey. While this example caught fire online, Tommey assured it was one of many. “Sad part is, this happened multiple times today, as it does to near all streamers.”

Obviously, this creates an extremely unfair dynamic, one which ultimately saw Tommey bowing out of the $100K tournament in 13th place. 

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The moment was swept up in a storm on Twitter, with Tommey’s original post netting more than 4.7k likes, and more than 300 comments from CouRage, JGOD, Symfuhny, and plenty more.

Perhaps fearing backlash, the stream sniper soon tried to apologize: “I was in the heat of the moment and shouldn’t [have] said what I said.”

“Not true,” Tommey fired back. “We watched your whole VOD back and you played the entire game for us. I woulda’ loved for you to just apologize and move on. Sh** happens, you live and you learn.”

Countless pro players and popular streamers chimed in to express their displeasure with the state of Warzone. For the time being though, the current streamer mode simply doesn’t cut it for most of the biggest names. 

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Beyond asking Tommey what he’d like to see done, Raven Software has been quiet on the issue. There’s no telling when we might see the issue resolved so competitions can play out with no fear for stream-snipers.