TimTheTatman wants Warzone to add big feature from Apex Legends

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As Warzone is getting ready to roll out their Season 2 Reloaded update, streamer TimTheTaman reveals he wants Raven to copy Apex Legend’s rotating map feature to bring back Verdansk.

The Warzone community is in its second season of the Pacific era and things have been shaky to say the least.

Although fans were desperate for a change of scenery, they have been very outspoken about their displeasure with Caldera.

Streamers like TimTheTatman have been brainstorming ideas to make Warzone better, and he is looking toward Apex Legends, as the CoD BR could take a massive feature.

TimTheTatman wants Warzone to take Apex rotating maps

During a YouTube video posted on March 19, Tim decided to spectate some Warzone and talk to his fans about what Warzone needs.

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Topic starts at 8:03 for mobile viewers

While this may not come as a surprise, Tim begs Raven Software to copy Apex Legend’s rotating map system. “I do wish they would bring back Verdansk for us… I’m gonna use Apex as an example, like how you can play either of the maps. That would be great.”

In Apex, the maps rotate every hour to two hours and help keep the game fresh for players. Plus it can definitely mix up the way people play.

He doesn’t necessarily think Verdansk needs to replace Caldera completely. But, it would be great for the game to have multiple maps that players can load into. Sadly, though, the streamer is confident in it happening, “if I had to guess, probably not.”

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warzone operator flying down to drop in verdanskActivision
Warzone players like Tim want to see Verdansk come back to the battle royale.

Tim isn’t the first one popular streamer to ask for Verdansk to come back. Swagg made a wild promise if Warzone were to bring back the OG map.

There’s no telling if Verdansk will return, but we have seen rumors of an alternate version coming to Warzone Mobile when it releases.