TimTheTatman uses RICOCHET to hilariously “troll” Warzone cheater

TimTheTatman talking in Caldera.YouTube: TimTheTatman / Raven Software

Playing against hackers in Warzone can be extremely frustrating — but TimTheTatman gave a hacker a taste of their own medicine by trolling them back. 

Raven Software introduced an Anti-Cheat system called RICOCHET at the start of Caldera in December. Cheaters still weasel around RICOCHET, but several updates such as the “weapon disarm” feature make cheating a much harder feat.

Even though Raven Software revamped its efforts, cheating is by no means completely removed from Warzone. after the June 3 update, some Warzone players labeled the game “unplayable” because of cheaters.

In a great example of RICOCHET working correctly, CoD content creator TimTheTatman “trolled” an attempted hack effort during a Caldera match,

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Warzone cheats addedActivision
Cheating has become a major issue in Warzone.

TimTheTatman “trolls” a Warzone hacker

In the video below a hacker attempts to shoot TimTheTatman but can’t do any damage because of RICOCHET suspecting suspicious activity.

The feature is called Damage Shield and in a blog, the Call of Duty developers stated “If you’re being shot and see your health slowly trickle down, you know it’s likely a cheater on the other end of the battle. The cheater in turn wastes ammo and eventually realizes they have been detected.”

The streamer immediately realized that the player was a hacker and chased after them to have a little fun at their expense.

TimTheTatman said “you d0 not learn your lesson. RICOCHET is working buddy. You can’t be hacking on us anymore. This isn’t Verdansk now, we are past that time.”

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TimTheTatman went on to say “I’m going to throw you” and then proceeded to execute the hacker in hilarious fashion by flinging them into the wall. As of writing, the video has 129 thousand views.

Fans will be delighted to see Ricochet doing its job of correctly preventing hackers from affecting the outcome of a match.