TimTheTatman-themed Warzone operator & gun skin earn his approval: “I’d buy this”

TimTheTatman Warzone operator skinActivision/YouTube/KevinVincent/TimTheTatman

YouTube streaming sensation TimTheTatman is calling on Activision to add content creator Operator skins to Warzone after being amazed by a fan’s custom creation.

Warzone has been going through a very tough time with content creators of all sizes blasting the game for its balancing, hackers, maps, and other issues. But that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to play the game and even pull off some must-see highlights.

Tim’s perseverance seems to have paid off, though, as one fan took it upon themselves to create an operator skin modeled after the content creator himself and Tim was absolutely in love with it.

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Now, he’s hoping that Activision follows up by actually designing creator skins themselves, similar to how Epic does with Fortnite, and adding them to the game.

TimTheTatman wants his custom skin added to Warzone

During a February 1 stream, Tim watched a video showing off a fan-made skin of him and was completely blown away.

The mock-up animation features Tim, bald head and all, twerking in pink shorts. The gun skin, meanwhile, is a shotgun with his brand’s colors and font all over it.

The design was so good, Tim couldn’t help but applaud it, remarking how he was “totally” for it.

“If we want to have a conversation about creator skins or weapon concepts, I mean, I’d buy this!” he exclaimed. “I’d buy this right here. It’s fire. And, to be honest, I think that’s clean.”

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Whether or not we actually see some creator skins come to Warzone remains to be seen, but if Tim is on board, hopefully, it might one day become a reality.