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TimTheTatman spectated Warzone lobby full of his fans and it didn’t end well

Published: 28/Aug/2021 1:55

by Theo Salaun


Popular Twitch and Call of Duty: Warzone streamer TimTheTatman is better known for entertainment than gameplay. And, as he found out the hard way during a spectating session, his viewers aren’t so skilled either.

Tim is a lot like us: he likes to play video games and watch people play video games. Unfortunately for Tim’s ego, his fans might be a lot like him: passionate, but not necessarily gifted with the sticks.

Deciding to spectate a Warzone lobby full of his viewers probably felt like a fun idea at the start, but Tim was eventually heartbroken by the results. Despite the Verdansk map being overrun by his viewers, none could secure the W.


Afterward, Tim gave it to his stream straight — like a father disappointed by how many of his genes got passed down to his children.

With tints of exasperation, sorrow, and perhaps some kinship in his voice, Tim let loose after the game ended: “Chat… how are we so bad … How are there hundreds of us and we lost the game? We lost?!”

Halfway through the concluding remarks, the streamer took count of how many of his stream participants were really in the lobby, rattling off a surge of players whose clan tags included “Tim” and “Fat.”

timthetatman happy
Twitter, @TimTheTatman
Tim is happy sometimes and less happy when his viewers disappoint.

Out of a relentless spree of TimTheTatman fans, none could come away with the W. And their leader was equal parts surprised and disappointed.


Tim can look on the bright side though — and one has to imagine that he will. Streamers often talk about how important it is to build a community, especially a cohesive one with positive aspirations.

In Tim’s case, it’s very clear that his community is cohesive, as they share similar characteristics to their fearless leader. As one of Tim’s subs in chat said, summing up the entire situation with energy and confidence: “WE SUCK ASS.”