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TimTheTatman shuts down CoD controller debate after KBM players roast aim assist

Published: 22/Sep/2021 11:32

by James Busby


Call of Duty content creator TimTheTatman has weighed in on the controller vs mouse and keyboard debate after it fired up once again.

The controller vs mouse and keyboard discourse is certainly nothing new for FPS players, particularly those that play Call of Duty. In fact, the pro scene is filled with players who utilize one option over the other.

While both devices have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, that hasn’t stopped a number of popular content creators from weighing in on the ongoing debate. 

Recently, both Dr Disrespect and TSM Myth attacked controller players on Twitter by stating aim assist is broken. Their comments have ignited this age-old discussion, with many CDL pros and CoD content creators voicing their own opinions on the matter. However, TimTheTatman has now entered the ring. 


TimTheTatman on mouse and keyboard vs controller

TimTheTatman prefers mouse and keyboard over controller.

Those of you that watch TimTheTatman’s Warzone streams will know that the content creator prefers to play FPS games on mouse and keyboard. This is obviously down to personal preference, but unlike the other big streamers, Tim doesn’t seem all that phased by controller players. 

Instead, of adding more fuel to the fire, the popular streamer simply said: “If controller is so broken then play controller.” This relaxed response is in direct contrast to Dr Disrespect’s own comment, which quickly started the entire storm. 

“Without your aim assist, you ain’t nothin,” the Two Time said on Twitter. This was quickly followed up by TSM Myth, who said he’d never put a controller player in his top 10 for greatest FPS players of all time.


As you can imagine, this didn’t exactly go down well with controller players, particularly those in the CDL. Nadeshot even hit back out at Myth’s comment, stating that his opinion meant very little. 

“Your opinion went out the door when you slandered some of the best players in the world just because they play on controller. If you didn’t match up on mainstage against them, you don’t know what it takes. Plain and simple. On top of that, you haven’t been around long enough.”

While the debate continues to rage online, TimTheTatman’s relaxed view on controller vs keyboard is certainly refreshing. After all, both options have their own pros and cons.