TimTheTatman left mindblown after dying to “best console sniper” in Warzone

YouTube: TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman has produced some of the most iconic reactions in gaming history and after dying to “the best console sniper” in all of Warzone he provided fans with another classic moment.

TimTheTatman’s time on Warzone is often spent hosting and watching lobbies full of his fans and commentating on the chaos that unfolds as a spectator.

Although he doesn’t play as often as he used to, he’s still good for an iconic moment every single time he loads into a match, and this time around he had stepped back into Caldera for a few matches, and was chasing a win, before getting outplayed by a crafty sniper who landed an unbelievable shot.

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TimTheTatman reacts to dying to the “best console sniper” in Warzone

The heavily-tattooed streamer was attempting to take control of Peak when disaster struck.

Ryshiv, a talented sniper who also happened to be in the area, took notice that someone was holding the high-ground above him and he quickly made for a nearby redeploy balloon.

After heading up into the air, he took aim and landed a perfect shot on an unaware Tim, who couldn’t believe his own eyes in the aftermath of it all.

“I was just about to say ‘oh so there’s no one good in this lobby’ and then I just got rocked,” the dumbfounded streaming vet said.

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After the game, the mega-streamer continued to give props to the man who took him out and encouraged his audience to go check out his gameplay. “Guys, get a message to Ry. He’s the best console sniper I’ve ever seen, personally.”

That’s high praise coming from a longtime Call of Duty fan who has partied up with many of the most talented players to ever pick up a controller.