TimTheTatman grills solo Warzone demon over cheating allegations after wild match

. 16 days ago
TimTheTatman in Warzone screenshot

TimTheTatman has seen it all when it comes to Warzone hackers. That’s why when he stumbled on the POV of an absolute demon in his lobby he had to catch them for a post-game interview to determine whether they were cheating or not. 

It’s normal for TimTheTatman to spend most of his day spectating other players in Warzone whenever he does stream the game, but not many of those games end up like this one.

After getting bounced out of the game in a nail-biter of a gulag, the streamer kicked his feet up and watched a level 848 demon who was cleaning up the map.

It didn’t take long for chat to start calling out this solo stranger so at the end of the 22-kill game, Tim joined the random’s lobby to set the record straight.

TimTheTatman interviews sus Warzone player

TimTheTatman talking in Caldera.
YouTube: TimTheTatman / Raven Software
Tim decided to become the Warzone sheriff after a sus player clutched out an easy game.

Once they were alone in a brand-new lobby, Tim wasted no time getting into the good stuff.

“Hey Guap, are you cheating man?” he asked.

Guap, who was previously unaware that the steamer had even been spectating him, was caught off-guard but insisted he was innocent and asked for examples of what was suspicious about his gameplay.

Tim pointed out a few moments, like when Guap parachuted off a mountain top to escape enemy fire but ended up landing perfectly in front of an unaware player that was hiding in a bush.

“Oh, I saw him right as I landed…I was about to plate up because I got shot in the back and then I saw him,” he said.

(Skip to 9:22 for initial moment)

This matched up well with Tim’s initial impression, so he pushed on asked about the next moment: “What about the building you pushed right after that? Did you see that kid on UAV beforehand?”

This was in reference to Guap entering a barn that no one was making noise in and checking every angle to top to bottom before finding a player on the upper level and collecting the kill.

Again, Guap had an answer that satisfied Tim’s curiosity: “They were fighting before…I had marked it[on the map].”

Unfortunately for Tim, other players began to jump into the lobby and crash the interview before he could wrap up, but the few minutes he got were enough to render a decision.

“I’m not getting that kid banned…I think that was a legitimate player who happened to be very good at the game,” he declared.

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