TimTheTatman gets back at Dr Disrespect after embarrassing Warzone Jeep fail

Dr Disrespect/TimTheTatman/Activision

A mishap with one of Warzone’s Jeeps finally gave TimTheTatman the opportunity to get back at Dr Disrespect, and provided some of the best content from the pair we’ve seen in 2022 so far.

It’s no secret Dr Disrespect is not a huge fan of the current state of Warzone. Since Vanguard’s release, the Two-Time has laid into the developers as the battle royale goes into decline against titles like Apex Legends.

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However, no rant has summed up his relationship with the game better than a recent blunder on stream.

Worst of all for the Doc — now even TimTheTatman has ammunition to fire back on the Two-Time with.

Dr Disrespect talks on YouTube stream.YouTube/Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect is not having a good time on Warzone, and one play with Tim has summed it up perfectly.

On February 16, Doc and Tim decided once again to take on Caldera. As usual they had mixed results when it came to getting wins, but they did produce some memorable content.

In particular was one moment when the Two-Time decided to take one of the WW2 map’s Jeeps for a spin, which ended in disaster.

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After hopping out of the driver’s seat to fire at an opponent, Doc ended up getting run over by the vehicle as it rolled downhill.

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Once he processed what had happened, Tim could barely breathe from laughing so hard, and said he couldn’t even see what was going on.

On Twitter, Tim facetiously said Doc was an “incredible gaming athlete” along with the clip of the mishap.

“You’re an incredible gaming athlete… truly one of the best,” Tim tweeted, finally getting a rib in at Doc for once.

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After suffering through moments like this, it’s no wonder the Two-Time prefers Tarkov over Warzone these days, even if the Call of Duty battle royale produces some great content.