TimTheTatman claims Warzone 2 ranked mode is coming sooner than players think

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Activision finally announced ranked mode for Warzone 2, and TimTheTatman hinted that it might come sooner than some players think.

Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2’s second season began on February 15, and Multiplayer fans finally got their hands on Ranked Play. Unfortunately, game crashes marred the game mode’s launch as players wound up with 1-hour suspensions and undeserved Skill Rating deductions.

Despite a few hiccups, community members praised Treyarch for introducing noteworthy innovations to the game mode and offering rewards worth grinding for. Ranked Play is nothing new for multiplayer, but Warzone fans have been clamoring for a competitive mode of their own since the battle royale first came out in 2020.

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Warzone 2 fans finally got their wish, as Activision confirmed a ranked mode.

TimTheTatman hints at Warzone 2 ranked timeline

Players have been pleading for a ranked mode in Warzone since 2020.

TimTheTatman explained why ranked mode was the most significant announcement in the Season 2 patch notes.

“I am very excited that ranked mode is being added to Warzone, and we finally get something to play for as far as Warzone goes.”

Tim said that in a perfect world, he would love it if the ranked mode came to Warzone 2 in a month, but he doesn’t expect that to be the case.

Based on Season 2’s battle pass, we expect Season 3 to begin on Tuesday, April 11, 2023, or Wednesday, April 12, 2023. In the official blog post, Activision did not confirm if the mode would be part of Season 3 or part of an update further down the line.

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“As far as a timeline from what I have heard, it’s not as bad as you all think,” TimTheTatman explained. “I see some of you and the stuff you are saying, and I have heard a different timeline, but I’m not going to leak anything.”

As for what he wants, Tim wants similar icons to Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play Skill Division icons, but slightly different. He also hopes the developers take everything from MW2’s Ranked Play and put it into Warzone 2 with some slight tweaks.

We will provide an update when we get a more concrete timeline for Warzone 2’s ranked mode.

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