TimTheTatman claims overpowered shotgun has “ruined” Warzone 2

TimTheTatman looking exasperated on stream.YouTube: TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman spectated a Warzone 2 match and couldn’t believe the number of KV Broadside shotguns used.

Season 2 created a monster in Warzone 2. The KV Broadside shotgun became one of the battle royale’s fastest killing weapons of all time, deleting opponents in around 300 ms and in just two shots. Community members loathed its addition, and some went as far as quitting WZ2 over its reign of terror.

Infinity Ward finally nerfed the KV Broadside in the Season 2 Reloaded update, however, according to WZRanked, the weapon is still the second most popular gun in the game.

TimTheTatman explained why the nerfs weren’t enough to keep the KV Broadside from dominating lobbies.

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Is the KV Broadside still overpowered in Warzone 2?

KV Broadside shotgun MW2Activison
The KV Broadside is deadly at close-quarters in MW2 and WZ2.

TimTheTatman spectated a Warzone 2 match in the post-Season 2 Reloaded landscape and was disappointed by the amount of KV Broadside shotguns used.

The Season 2 Reloaded update reduced damage ranges on Dragon’s Breath Ammo and nerfed residual damage. The update also nerfed lower torso damage and 12 Guage Ammo, but it wasn’t enough to put down the behemoth for good.

“You know how I know this gun is a problem? This guy has an AR, and he chose the fire shotgun from that distance.”

Tim asked if this was the “most broken shotgun in CoD history,” and he argued it might be.

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“I think that this fire shotgun is more broken than the peak R9. You can keep shooting this thing, have 24 rounds on it, and that’s why I think it is more busted.”

“I have played Warzone and all of the Call of Duty games. That fire shotgun is plaguing, destroying, ruining Warzone more than any shotgun in history right now.”

It took a couple of nerfs to dethrone the RPK, and the same applies to the powerful KV Broadside.