TimTheTatman admits he’s “praying” for Warzone flying car hackers to hijack stream

tim the tatman wants to be hacked in warzone

TimTheTatman has admitted he now “prays” for Call of Duty Warzone hackers to find their way onto his streams, calling it easy content for his viewers.

Hackers terrorizing Call of Duty players is nothing new. Especially in Warzone where the long-awaited Ricochet anti-cheat has seemingly done little to thwart cheaters from ruining players’ experiences.

The most iconic form of hacking is using an aimbot to ensure players never miss a shot. However, hackers have recently stepped up their game and introduced a brand new cheat that turns any land vehicle into a flying car.

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Normally, players would have to call in a killstreak to have access to airborne vehicles as deadly as these new flying cars. And thanks to the absurd nature of these cheats, TimTheTatman is hoping it happens to him.

TimTheTatman wants to face hackers for content

timthetatman looking for hackersTimTheTatman (YouTube)
Tim searches for hackers during a round of CoD Warzone.

During a live stream on January 24, TimTheTatman was playing Warzone with Teep, Merk, and DougisRaw. One of his teammates asked if he had run into a floating car while playing yet.

Tim solemnly replied, “I have not. Honest to god, I’m praying for it. I want it to happen to me.” His teammates seemed shocked that, with Tim’s luck, he hadn’t seen one yet.

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“That’s like a million view video, you kidding me?” Tim continued, “‘I spectated a hack that was flying in a car’ holy sh*t!”

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With 4.3 million subscribers on YouTube and 35k concurrent viewers at the time of the clip, TimTheTatman isn’t hurting for views. In fact, he almost broke two million views on a video posted on December 31, 2021.

(TimTheTatman reveals he wants to face hackers for content around the 3:40:28 mark)

Tim and his teammates continued to talk about the possibility of running into hackers. At one point, Tim hopped into a helicopter and went looking for hackers to spectate.

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However, they weren’t successful in their hunt.

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