TikTok is convinced that Warzone’s CX-9 is the best gun in the game after buff

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Warzone’s final major update was largely focused on weapon balancing and after some hands on time with the patch, players from all over TikTok are convinced that the CX9 is the best gun in the game.

It wasn’t a surprise that Warzone’s last big update was devoted to improving gun balancing. Seeing as changes will likely be sparse from here on out, the devs clearly wanted to leave things as healthy as they possibly could before all attention turns to the arrival of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 alongside it.

Many of the BR’s best weapons saw some moderate nerfs and while there are plenty of options that are viable to replace them, it seems like TikTok has collectively agreed that the CX9 is the go-to SMG option for the remainder of Season 5.

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TikTok believes that the CX9 might be Warzone’s best weapon after last major update

The CX9 has seen a little time in the sun before. It was primarily put to use in the slender hallways of Rebirth Island but now even Caldera players are seeing just how good the sub can be when it’s used the right way.

Every day more and more videos get posted to TikTok and YouTube showcasing some ridiculous sequences with players winning fights they shouldn’t have had a chance in thanks to this absolute shredder of a gun.

Of course, it’s still an SMG and should mostly be reserved for the up-close and personal gunfights, but some well-placed shots can still make a difference to finish off enemies within a medium range as well.

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It’s still early days in terms of sorting out the meta and there are sure to be some twists and turns coming as players start testing other weapons, but if the midseason patch nerfed your favorite SMG then it’s definitely worth giving this one a shot.