The Upset That Created One of CoD’s Greatest Dynasties

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From Cloud9 taking out OpTic in 2016 to that Champs match in 2018 where Evil Genius’ dismantled the Green Wall, there have been plenty of massive upsets in competitive Call of Duty, but what Complexity did in 2013 at MLG Anaheim gave birth to one of the teams of all time.

Let us go back in time to 2013, it’s the Black Ops 2 season with MLG back at the helm and Activision putting up $1,000,000 for Champs, it’s a year that Competitive CoD was getting more support than ever. With Christopher ‘Parasite’ Duarte, Marcus ‘MiRx’ Carter, Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow and, Adam ‘KiLLa’ Sloss, Impact was the best team in the world.

They won 4 events in a row – MLG Dallas, EGL 9, the inaugural Cod Champs, and MLG St Louis. At this point they where arguably the best team Call Of Duty had ever seen and rolling into MLG Anaheim, they were the overwhelming favorites. The only team people thought could maybe upset them was supposedly Team Envy.

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A new roster was on show this tournament with Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price, James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks, Tyler ‘TeePee’ Polchow, and Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter making a showing with a team that would shake things up.

After Envy was eliminated in the losers bracket in Round 2, fans believed it was all but won for Impact. However, before the unthinkable happened in the grand finals, Complexity eliminated them in the upper bracket. This led to Karma and his team destroying OpTic Gaming 6-1 in the lower bracket to set up a rematch with coL.

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Complexity went on to win 3 straight maps against the favorites, creating memorable moments along the way. Aches with the ‘Dolphin dive’ flag capture just before the hellfire missile came in, followed by keeping the kings of Hardpoint to less than 100 points. Finally, they took Search and Destroy on Meltdown, the same map Impact clutched their Champs win on.

This win catapulted the Complexity dynasty into existence, it was also Crimsix and Clayster’s first MLG title which launched their incredible and legendary careers.

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