The legend of Censor: The CoD pro who refuses to give up

Jacob Hale
Censor YouTube thumbnail
YouTube: Dexerto Call of Duty

Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has been fighting for well over a decade to become a Call of Duty world champion. Through all the hardships he’s faced in his career, watching on from outside the Call of Duty League, Censor still refuses to give up.

Censor has played for massive CoD orgs like Envy, FaZe, and Complexity, but he’s also been through his fair share of highs and lows. Getting benched from FaZe, not getting a spot on the New York Subliners, and even giving up the game entirely for a while.

Dexerto spoke with Censor to find out what it’s like to have been a Call of Duty phenomenon for over a decade!

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