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The KAR, ITRA and Shotgun all Made Appearances in a Pro League Challenge Match

Published: 2/Jul/2018 23:09 Updated: 26/Jul/2018 12:06

by Vincent Genova


Red Reserve took on FIRESMACKIN in the first round of the July 1st CWL Pro League Challenge and things got out of hand quickly, resulting in banned weapons and trash talking between the two teams.

The match started off well enough with Red taking a routine Hardpoint, before moving to USS Texas S&D. That is where it started to go downhill.

Those watching the match through Adian ‘GorgoKnight’ Provenzano’s stream may not have noticed, since the match was not being casted, but a FIRESMACKIN player was using the KAR-98k sniper rifle and it appeared in the kill feed. Viewers in GorgoKnight’s chat noticed right away, however.

Professional Call of Duty players decided to stop using the KAR sometime in January, due to its ability to consistently beat ARs and SMGs in a closer range than intended. Red Reserve did not take kindly to breaking the agreement and retaliated with an agreement break of their own, pulling out four smoke grenades.

Some FIRESMACKING players, either acting or genuinely unaware of their teammate using a KAR, were shocked that Red were the ones breaking an agreement. Some foul language ensued, with Rhys “Rated” Price and Matthew ‘Skrapz’ Marshall of Red Reserve even popping into GorgoKnight’s stream chat to voice their displeasure with the KAR use.

Other pros were watching the match and chimed in, with James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks of eUnited questioning the use of the KAR. Josiah ‘Slacked’ Berry also stopped by to say “good guy GorgoKnight” after Adian stopped his stream in between matches to address the KAR situation, claiming he did not know it was being used.

FIRESMACKIN won the S&D to tie the series at 1-1 heading into CTF on Flak Tower. The tension did not cool down during the break, in fact it escalated. Red came out of the break using shotguns and the ITRA burst, two weapons also banned by the players, and FIRESMACKIN took out shotguns of their own.

Red Reserve won the CTF by a score of 4-3 to take a 2-1 lead in the series

It is worth noting that nothing in the match was actually illegal in the eyes of MLG or Activision, since the weapons are still technically allowed in competitive play.

Weapon choice went slightly back to normal for the game 4 Hardpoint, with only occasional ITRA appearances. The trash talk did not stop at any point, however, as Red continued to chat in GorgoKnight’s stream while FIRESMACKIN kept talking.

The match went to a pivotal Game 5 Round 11, with Red Reserve taking the hostile match. The agreements being broken and cameos in the chat from top pros made for a surreal experience. In the end it was one of the most entertaining Pro League matches of the year, you can catch it all below. 

The match begins at 59 minutes on the stream timeline. Warning, the language is obviously offensive at times.

Watch PRO LEAGUE CHALLENGE Vs Red Reserve w/ @GorgKnight from GorgoKnightTV on

Call of Duty

Loadout Drops are ruining Warzone matches thanks to bizarre glitch

Published: 26/Oct/2020 6:52 Updated: 26/Oct/2020 6:58

by Brad Norton


Loadout Drops can now be added to the list of potential threats in Warzone, as unlucky Call of Duty players still grinding the battle royale have been hit with a new game-breaking bug that makes it impossible to win.

Infinity Ward’s hugely popular battle royale is into its sixth season now. Despite plenty of iteration and tons of updates since launch, new bugs continue to pop up. The latest will have you questioning every Loadout Drop until a fix is deployed.

Loadout Drops are absolutely vital in Warzone. It’s the only way to secure the most powerful weapons in the game and kit your Operator out with some important perks. However, it turns out they also have some critical downsides in the latest update.

Rather than grabbing a set of weapons and being on your way, there’s a chance that Loadout Drops now ruin your match. Here’s what you need to be cautious of.

Warzone gameplay
Infinity Ward
Be careful where you call your Loadout Drops in and how quickly you access them.

While running through a game on October 25, Reddit user ‘tharimrattler’ was thrown off guard by a Loadout Drop. To begin with, it landed in a rather awkward spot atop a street sign. Though what followed was far more awkward.

The player selected their Loadout almost instantly once the menu appeared. They were likely spamming the select button straight away as they had their favorite setup as the top class option. Unfortunately, choosing the Loadout this fast came with some complications. The progress bar for ‘Capturing’ the crate remained on screen.

No matter what they did, how far they moved from the drop, or what buttons they pressed, this bar stayed in effect. While that may not seem like a huge deal, this is what prevented them from shooting, swapping weapons, and using any form of equipment. For the rest of the game, they were quite literally defenseless.

Plenty of other players chimed in, adding they’ve also encountered the strange bug. It’s clearly not a one-off issue but there’s no telling how common it is just yet. You’ll need to be extra careful when interacting with Supply Drops until next update.

Warzone glitch #67242, the Loadout glitch. Can’t shoot, swap weapons, use tactical, use lethal, use special equipment. G A M E O V E R from CODWarzone

If you get hit with this particular glitch, there’s no proper way to deal with it.

Other issues can be fought through but for the Loadout Drop bug, it more or less means game over. If you’re downed, there’s a chance you might regain control in the Gulag. Though even that could seriously hinder if not ruin your run.

Infinity Ward is yet to comment on the issue but something this severe will likely be an immediate priority. Keep your eyes peeled for updates over the next few days.