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The Definitive OpTic Gaming Call of Duty Team Quiz

Published: 7/May/2018 20:51 Updated: 11/Mar/2019 12:49

by Mike Kent


Do you think that you’re the ultimate OpTic Gaming Call of Duty fan? Time to prove it.

The news on May 6th that the OpTic Gaming lineup of Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, Matt ‘FormaL’ Piper and Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow would be splitting sent shockwaves across the competitive CoD scene.

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It was confirmed via an episode of documentary series, Vision, that Crimsix and Scump would be picking up Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni and Sam ‘Octane’ Larew for the remainder of the season.

A number of reasons were cited for the change, including a lack of wins compounding internal problems within the team, leading to bringing in new blood as the only option.


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This OpTic Gaming lineup stood tall for three years, and even during troubling times, they remained one of the favorites for every tournament they entered, with every team facing them giving that little bit extra because of who they were up against.

That time as a roster is over, and Methodz and Octane will now attempt to fill two very big shoes as they head into Stage Two of the CWL Pro League, CWL Anaheim and eventually CoD Champs 2018 in August.

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So how much do you know about the OpTic CoD team and their history between 2015 and 2018? 


We’ve put together a comprehensive 25 question quiz to test even the most dedicated of fans. Tweet us your score (hide the result of the last answer) to @DexertoIntel for a chance at a RT, or comment below.